Monday, March 05, 2007

Henry & Mary Pask née Shaw

This information relates to the khaki-icon tree - descendants of Peter & Catherine Pask née Frost , born 1739 in Kedington, Suffolk.

Over the weekend I have been working on the information that Julian Bennet provided (as detailed in the previous blog titled Eunice Grace Pask continued). I came across some intriguing information relating to Henry & Mary Pask née Shaw:

In the census of 5 April 1891 they were enumerated at 34 Warrior Road, Lambeth. Henry was listed as aged 36 born in Newington, the Head of Household; a Cabinet Maker living with his wife Mary, daughter Elsie L. M., son Arthur G. J., and an elderly aunt Harriet Mitchell, a widow, a retired Chair Caner aged 69, born in Southwark.

I knew, from our previous research done in 2004-5, together with Pat (Margaret) Taylor, and Peter Talbot-Ashby, Henry and Mary had 14 children, although only 7 survived to maturity. Based on this information I knew they had another three children in the period 1891-1901. I then searched, and searched in the 1901 census. I tried all types of combinations, to no avail. I then focused on the daughter Mercy Mary Pask, who was born in 1900. I found her, and the family:

RG13; Piece: 549; Folio: 115; Page: 54.
12 Ladywell Park, Lewisham, a Cabinet Maker, living with his wife Mary, and children Arthur G. J., Grace M., Ada M., and Mercy M. Enumerated under the name of Leonard H. Shaw.

Obviously, they had taken Mary's maiden name. However why Henry called himself Leonard is not sure. Although Pat had previously said that he was a Shakespearian actor, so perhaps he changed his name for this purpose. All the children were registered under the name of Pask. All other details except the surname were correct.