Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Website Update 1 May 2012

The website was updated today Tuesday 1 May. The focus of this update was:

The updates included relate to the following charts / family groups:
There are 64 new narratives added since the last update on 22 April. This makes a total of 9,426 detailed narratives now available on the website - although there was an increase of 127 people, making a total of 14,793 people in our database, including living people.

I expect the next update, planned for early June, will see the 15,000 major milestone being easily reached as we are still progressing through the Chart 42 family, with still a lot on research, and input pending on this family. Many thanks to everyone in Chart 42 for their collaboration, and updates. The power of the internet has enabled us to link up with several of the descendants of William Jollife Paske in California. We have such fond memories of our own travels in California, particularly in 1980, and more recently in 2010, and the numerous business trips in the between years.

The month of May is a busy period. As I am Editor of the quarterly journal for the Guild of One-Name Studies, the July edition needs to be prepared for publication. So this will take most of my spare time in May. So family history research time will be limited. Nevertheless, keep the information flowing - we will be back in earnest in June.       

A full list of the recent changes to the narratives is available in the New or Changed Narratives section.