Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Website Update 4 April 2011

The website was updated on Monday 4 April 2011.

There are three new family groups, two in Essex, and one in Suffolk:

Chart 53: Harry PASK, (1867- ) wife Norah CANNON, lived in Buckhurst Hill, Essex Harry was born in 1867, his place of birth is currently not known. He lived in Buckhurst Hill in Essex and was a Gardener. He married Norah CANNON on 8 May 1887, and they had three sons. Very little is known about this family. Harry was not found in any censuses, and no death is found in the GRO Indexes. Similarly only information on his son Albert Ernest has been found.

I have purchased birth, and marriage certificates for this family in order to piece together this family. Unfortunately they had three children who were in Epping Workhouse in the 1911 census, and their two older sons in the 1901 census. I am still trying to establish where Harry originated. Epping registration district is very close to the Essex/Suffolk border, and I believe that he may be part of Chart 06, or Chart 07. 

Chart 54: William PASK, (1662- ) lived in Stambourne, Essex
William lived in Stambourne Essex, where his son was born, Very little is known about this family.

Chart 06a: John PASK, (1798-1861) wife Sarah MEERS, lived in Stoke by Clare, Suffolk
John PASK lived in Stoke by Clare. He married Sarah MEERS on 2 January 1820 in Stoke by Clare. John died in April 1861. Their descendants span five generations, and includes over 50 descendants. This family is assumed to be connected to Peter Pask of Chart 6. However, John's baptism has not been found.

Other updates included the following charts:

Chart 01: William PASKE, (c1695- ) lived in Wellingore, Lincolnshire
Chart 02-1 John PASK, eldest son of Suffolk Main Progenitor - John & Mirabel Pask née Sparrow

Chart 02-2: Daniel Pask, second son of John & Mirabel Pask née Sparrow
Chart 06: Peter PASK, (1739-1821) wife Catherine FROST, lived in Kedington, Suffolk
Chart 07: Henry PASKE, (1765-1845) lived in Kedington, Suffolk 
Chart 10: Essex Main Progenitor - John PASK, (1771-1847) Thundersley, Essex
Chart 11: John PASK, (c1745-1793) married Elizabeth FOUNTAIN and they lived in Gautby, Lincolnshire
Chart 23: Edward PASK, (1771-1836) lived in Barholm, Lincolnshire 
Chart 29: Thomas PASQUE, (c1700-1754) lived in Theberton, Suffolk 
Chart 38: Thomas PASK, (1820- ) Upminster, Essex
Chart 39: Thomas PASK, (1766-b1851) lived in St. Pancras

There are 171 new narratives added since the last update on 24 January, making a total of 8,812 detailed narratives now available on the website.

A full list of the recent changes to the narratives is available in the New or Changed Narratives section.