Monday, November 08, 2010

Website Update 8 November 2010

The website was updated today, Monday 8 November, it includes information as detailed in the recent blogs:

Descendants of John Frederick & Fanny Pask née Melbourn
Descendants of John James & Elsie Pask née Pask
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Descendants of John James & Elsie Pask née Pask

This information relates to descendants of the Monmouthshire progenitor Isaac Paske, (c1705 - ) who lived in Llanvihangel-ystern-Llewern, Monmouthshire.

A couple of weeks ago you may recall we were in contact with twins John David Pask, and David John Pask, whose parents were both Pasks, second cousins Harold "Charlie" William Pask, and Doris Joan Pask. See blog titled Descendants of Albert & Ann Pask née Reeves.

Suprisingly, a few days later we heard from Debbie Pask, whose grandparents were also both Pasks, cousins John James Pask & Elsie Pask.

It is very difficult to determine whether the children with the mother's name of Pask belongs to a family, or that they were born illegitimately to a Pask female. Based on information from Debbie, we have been able to identify eight children:

  1. Violet May Pask
  2. Phyllis Pask
  3. Rose Ellen Pask
  4. Kay Lorraine Pask
  5. Olive Pask
  6. John R. Pask
  7. Gordon Pask
  8. Maurice Pask (Debbie's father)
This gave us some great leads, and this family has now expanded considerably. Many thanks to Debbie for these missing links.

Descendants of John Frederick & Fanny Pask née Melbourn

This information relates to Chart 18 , Joseph Pask, (1761 - 1831) who lived in Caythorpe, Lincolnshire.

Last week we received information from George Buckberry, who has traced his family back to Robert Buckberry, who was born in c1490. Ellen Buckberry married John Frederick Pask, also known as Frederick Andrews, and John Frederick Andrews.

John's first wife was Fanny Melbourn, they married in Sleaford in 1888. They had three children:

  1. John William Pask (1889-1968)
  2. Charles Henry Pask (25 Nov 1891-1969)
  3. James Melbourn Pask (1894-13 Oct 1915)
Fanny died in 1894 and was buried on 10 November 1894 in St. Andrew's, Cranwell, Lincolnshire. John later married Ellen Buckberry on 17 June 1902 in St. Andrews, Leasingham, Lincolnshire.
As we had not researched this family for some time, together with George's assistance we found a lot more information.
John's mother Harriet Pask married James Andrews in 1869, and they had 10 children. Interestingly, one of John's half-sisters was Mary Andrews who married John Melbourn in 1897 in the Sleaford registration district. It is very likely that John Melbourn and Fanny Melbourn were siblings, who married siblings John Pask and Mary Andrews.

This information will be included in the web update today. Many thanks to George for helping us reconstruct this family.