Sunday, April 30, 2006

Augustus St. Clair & Elizabeth Pask née Cousins

As a follow-on from the recent information from Amanda Bellamy, I researched this family and found that Elizabeth was called Mary Elizabeth. (mreg 1901/Q4 COUSINS, Mary Elizabeth Pontypridd 11a 945).

Augustus died in 1941 (dreg 1941/Q1 PASK, Augustus St C. Pontypridd 11a 966 age 58)

Augustus and Elizabeth had four children and lived in Ynysbwl in South Wales. Three of these children were:

  1. David Augustus who died in infancy.
  2. Eunice Noreen is Amanda's great-grandmother. Eunice married Iorwerth W. JONES in 1933.
  3. Olive Gwendoline who was born on 11 February 1912. She married Sebert BRAKE in 1932. Olive died in August 2000.

Friday, April 28, 2006

TMG Presentation at SOG Family History Show

I will be giving a short presentation on The Master Genealogist (TMG) at the Society of Genealogists' Family History Show tomorrow, Saturday April 28. Afterwards I will be doing a slot at the computer desk. So if you see me, do say hello.

For those interested in a more detailed presentation of The Master Genealogist, I will be giving a half-day tutorial at the Society of Genealogists next Saturday May 6. For more details see the SOG website.

William & Isabella Pask née Solomon

For the past two years, we have been in contact with Chris Bell, who has extensively researched her great-grandparents William & Isabella PASK née SOLOMON who lived in the Spalding, Lincolnshire area.

Yesterday Chris provided the death certificate of William, who died in Spalding on 31 May 1914. After her husband's death Isabella immigrated to Canada, probably to be with her son Frank who immigrated in c1906. Isabella died on 28 December 1939 in Canada.

Chris has also recently provided photographs, and these will be included in the website in the near future.

Chris' ancestor is the Lincolnshire progenitor Johannis [John] PASK, (c1545 - ) who together with his wife Elizabeth née ARCHER lived in Washingborough, Lincolnshire.

Herbert Bunt - BBC 1 Television Programme

We received a very interesting e-mail from Martyn Elmer:

"At 9.30 to 10.30 pm on May 10th 2006 (check – it might be 9th) on BBC1 there is a programme hosted by Katie Adie about orphans who traced their family trees (as she did!).

About half the programme will be about Herbert Bunt from Kent. His “real” family name was Paske; he is direct relation of mine through my great grandmother Pamela (Paske) Elmy (aged 6 in the ‘new’ 1841 census). Her brother James Paske also married one of my other relations Jemimah Elmy. Herbert’s mother was “defrocked” by the owner of a famous café in London, who arranged for the child to be sent to a (terrible) boarding school at Berkhamsted; from there he was automatically drafted into the Army. It was not until he was over 70 that he had the time or the money to find his blood line.

My great grandfather Henry was a gamekeeper at Walberswick near Southwold, for generations the Paske’s were gamekeepers at Benacre near Southwold, around Bury St Edmunds and also on the Luton Hoo estate.

I was unable to meet the BBC crew who filmed in Blythburgh (it clashed with a special Picon meeting in Warwickshire) however my sister Margaret (Nichols) was interviewed in the churchyard, at this stage we have not seen a preview of the programme so don’t know what if any they will show of east Suffolk."

We had the pleasure of meeting Herbert 2 years ago, and he allowed us to scan his extensive album, his research notes, and narratives that he had compiled on his family. We have included this information on the website. With Martyn's help, we have extended the information and traced back to Thomas PASK (circa 1700 - 1754) from Theberton Suffolk.

Congratulations to Herbert. We will look forward to the program with great interest.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Rosenia Pask (1867-1950)

Rosenia, was also known as Rosa. She was the daughter of John PASK and Sarah Ann PASK CLEMENTS. She was the aunt of John Richard Pask.

Rosa never married, and died in 1950 - her death was registered 1950/Q4 PASK, Rosa Islington 5c 981 age 83.

However, I could not find Rosenia (or Rosa) in the 1881, 1891, or 1901 census. She was listed with her parents in the 1871 census, but there seems to be no trace of her in the other indexes. Obviously her name has been mistranscribed, or incorrectly enumerated.

Ivy Kathleen Pask (1906-1929)

As a follow on from the previous information on John Richard & Theresa PASK née Armitt, Lindsay also provided information on John Richard's sister Ivy.

Ivy Kathleen was born in 1906, and registered in 1906/Q2 PASK, Ivy Kathleen Fulham 1a 274.
Unfortunately she died at the age of 23, and her death was registered 1929/Q3 PASK, Ivy K. Paddington 1a 67 age 23.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Lilian Rosa Watkins née Pask

As a follow on from the previous information on John Richard & Theresa PASK née Armitt, Lindsay also provided information on John Richard's elder sister Lilian.

Initially I could not verify this, although there was a Lilian Rosa PASK registered in 1898(1898/Q3 PASK, Lilian Rosa Fulham 1a 319) this was thought to be a daughter of William John PASK and Julia Martha ELMER. Additionally Lilian was not listed with her parents in the 1901 census.

Mystery has been solved! Lilian was listed with her grandmother Mary E. ATWELL, a widow living on own means, aged 60 born in Marylebone. Lilian was transcribed as Lilian R. PARK. Probably as John Richard was only 3 weeks old at the time, his grandmother was caring for Lilian.

Lilian married Harold A. [Bunny] WATKINS in 1922 (1922/Q3 PASK, Lilian R. WATKINS Fulham 1a 795), and Lindsay wrote that they had two children Joyce and Christine. Joyce married Ken, and they had a son Keith. Christine also married and had two children.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

George William & Elizabeth Jane Pask née Burson

As a follow on from the previous information on John Richard & Theresa PASK née Armitt, Lindsay has provided additional information on her grandfather's brother George William.

George William was born 13 January 1900, and his birth was registered 1900/Q1 in Fulham registration district. He married Elizabeth Jane BURSON in 1924 (1924/Q3 PASK, George W. BURSON Fulham 1a 787). They had four children George L. (1924), Irene R. (1926), John (1929), and Robert A. (1934). George died in 1900.

His daughter Irene R. possibly married someone called DAVIES in 1960, however as this was in Cardiff, this is only an assumption.

Their son Robert A. married Joyce M. SMITH in 1956. Unfortunately there are too many children born with the mother's maiden name of SMITH to determine their children.

John, George William's son, married Peggy Lilian WIGLEY in 1952. Peggy unfortunately died in April 1995. John & Peggy had two children David J. (1953) and Barry G. (1956).

Augustus St. Clair Pask

We received an e-mail from Amanda Bellamy. She is the great-granddaughter of Augustus St. Clair Pask who is the great-grandson of the Monmouthshire progenitor Isaac PASK.

Amanda has provided the maiden name of Augustus' wife. She was Elizabeth COUSINS. They had a daughter Eunice JONES (Amanda's grandmother), one of four children who lived in Ynysbwl in South Wales.

Further research will be required, and an update posted in the near future.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Frederick G. & Beatrice K. Pask née Crack

Through Genes Reunited, we connected with Jean Louise who has listed Olive Pask as a relative, or an ancestor.

Olive was the daughter of Frederick G. PASK & Beatrice K. CRACK. They married in 1920 in Coventry. They also had two other daughters Beatrice and Vera.

Olive's mother Beatrice, died in 1928/Q3 at the age of 39. Frederick died in 1960/Q1 in the Rugby Registration District at the age of 67.

Oliver married Henry TURNER in 1947/Q2 in the Coventry Registration District.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

John Richard & Theresa Pask née Armitt

Today, through Genes Reunited, we linked with Lindsay Jane.

She is researching Constance M. PASK, who was born in 1930. It is believed that her parents were John Richard PASK and Teresa ARMITT, who married in 1929 (1929/Q2 PASK, John R. ARMITT Fulham 1a 673 & 1929/Q2 ARMITT, Theresa PASK Fulham 1a 673).

John Richard died in 1964 (1964/Q1 PASK, John R. Fulham 5c 575 aged 62). His birth was registered in 1901/Q2 in Fulham Registration District (1901/Q2 PASK, John Richard Fulham 1a 266).

Also listed as born in the Fulham registration district was a George William PASK ( 1900/Q1 PASK, George William Fulham 1a 332). I subsequently searched the 1901 of census, and found George & John. His father was John PASK living at 181 Greyhound Road, Fulham, London. A Carpenter's Mate, living with his wife Mary, and sons George W., and John R.

John PASK, was listed as aged 27 born in Southend on Sea. I determined that he married Mary Elizabeth ATWELL. ( 1898/Q1 PASK, John Fulham 1a 450). As well as George W., and John Richard, they had another known son Stanley (1912/Q2 PASK, Stanley ATWELL Fulham 1a 470). However there may be others. It is difficult to determine before 1912 as the mother's maiden name is not given.

As listed on the website, John PASK's parents were John and Sarah Ann. They married in 1865 (1865/Q2 PASK, John Rochford 4a 253). I have now determined through that he married Sarah Ann CLEMENTS (1865/Q2 CLEMENTS, Sarah Ann Rochford 4a 253).

John was the great-grandson of the Essex progenitor John PASK & Frances HAFFINDEN.

William John & Violet Emma Pask née Hill

As detailed in the previous blog relating to Joseph Howard Pask, there was a family living in Edmonton. William John PASK married Violet Emma HILL. They had four children Iris, Leslie Roland, John William, and Violet Elizabeth.

Iris PASK was born in 1933/Q2 in the Brentford registration district. Sadly she died in 1949/Q2 at the age of 14. Leslie, John and Violet are still living. We have been in contact with Violet since 2003.

With Violet's help we have researched William back to the Suffolk progenitor John PASK and Mirabel SPARROW.

Joseph Howard Pask (1901-1935)

Recently, through Genes Reunited, I linked with Ruth. She has recently had a granddaughter Louise, and ask for assistance in tracing Louise' s ancestors.

I have linked Louise back to two possible families living in the London area. One in Islington/Edmonton, and another in Brentford.

The Islington family were Joseph H. PASK who married Edith E. HILL (1927/Q3 Islington). They probably had a son Eric born in 1928/Q4 also in Islington, and Brian born in 1933/Q3 in Edmonton.

This Joseph H. PASK is assumed to have died in 1935/Q1 in Edmonton, aged 33. This matches with Joseph Howard PASK, who was born in 1901/Q2 in Islington. (Just missing the 1901 census). As he died very young, it probably accounts for the fact there were no additional children born in Islington/Brentford.

The Brentford family were William J. PASK who married Violet E. HILL (1932/Q4 Brentford). Their children were Iris, Leslie, John, and Violet.

John Edward Pask (1873 - 1916) Obituary

Andrew Hesketh has provided a copy of John's obituary in the Derbyshire Times. This is the article from which the photograph was taken.

"Tibshelf has lost by death a very amiable and experienced soldier who, during his comparatively short sojourn in the parish, made many friends by his urbanity and soldierly bearing. We refer to Sergeant J E Pask of the RGA, the announcement of whose death on Tuesday came like a thunderbolt on the grief stricken widow and four young children, who reside in Elm Tree Terrace, Tibshelf. The fateful message was flashed across the wires from Portland merely intimating his death without any explanation of the circumstances. Presumably he died of natural causes. It was all inexplicable as Mrs. Pask had heard from the deceased as recently as last Saturday without the least indication of any illness.

The deceased, who was of magnificent physique, would have been 43 years old if he had lived until last Thursday, and he was expected home this weekend. He was last in Tibshelf on 10th March. He was an old soldier, having served 19 years in the RGA. For about four years he had been in China, evidence of which is seen in his home of a number of handsome Oriental vases and other ornaments. Having concluded his army service he returned to civil life in Lincolnshire and then removed to Newark. It was through the kindly offices of Col. R P Leach who, until he returned to the Army, resided as Nethermoor, Tibshelf, that Sergeant Pask came to Tibshelf two years ago last month and was found work at Tibshelf collieries, while he undertook the duties of drill-Sergeant to the local Church Lad's Brigade, in which capacity he rendered
very useful service and secured the esteem of those who became associated with

When war broke out, the spirit of the old soldier asserted itself and he enlisted in September 1914 in the Royal Field Artillery, while last July he went into his old Regiment, the RGA. He was a fine type of soldier, and one who commanded respect in Tibshelf. The loss for the young widow and her family is great."

This is intriguing as based on the mother's maiden name of TOMPKINS there were no children. So this requires further investigation, and possibly a trip to Kew.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

John Edward Pask (1873 - 1916)

Andrew Hesketh, who is researching every serviceman who died (during the 1914 -1918 Great War) from Tibshelf, has provided additional information on John Edward Pask:

"John had been a professional soldier before 1914, leaving the army to return to civilian life c.1912. He became a coal miner in one of Tibshelf''s collieries but, in accordance with army rules, he remained on 'reserve', i.e. he could be recalled to the colours if an emergency warranted it. Therefore, on August 4 1914 John was recalled. 28 Coy RGA were based at Weymouth on Southern Coast Defences. "

Additionally Andrew has kindly provided me with a photograph of his grave, and the picture from the Derbyshire Times newspaper.

Andrew's website provides all the names on the Tibshelf memorial, including photographs of the memorial.

1841 Census

The 1841 census is now available on There are:


  • 294 Pask
  • 52 Paske
  • 9 Pasque


  • 77 Pask
  • 11 Paske
  • 0 Pasque

This information will be included on an ongoing basis.

Friday, April 21, 2006

John & Ann Pask née Bell

When researching John Edward Pask, I established that his parents were John PASK (1817 - 1880), and Ann BELL (1830-1892). The Commonwealth War Graves Commission confirms that he was the son of John and Saran Ann Pask, of Manthorpe, Lincolnshire. However, his mother, was referred to Ann in all the censuses, this may be because her mother was also called Sarah. I located a possible Ann in the 1851 census, living in Ancaster, with her parents Sarah & William and five brothers.

John Snr. died when John Edward was six years old. I found John living with his mother in the 1881 & 1891 census. Additionally I found John had two siblings - George Thomas PASK, who was also a Sergeant in the Royal Artillery. In the 1901 census [RG13 Piece 3443 Folio 21 Page 34.], he was living at 35 Corinthian Street, Seaforth, Lancashire, with his wife Mary and children Winifred, George, and Elsie. They had a sister Ellen PASK, she was born in 1866, and was buried on 3 February 1871 in Manthorpe. Their mother Ann died, and was buried on 2 April 1892 in Manthorpe, Lincolnshire.

After his mother's death it appears that John Edward enlisted in the Royal Artillery. In the 1901 Census, he was listed as a Bombardier in the Royal Garrison Artillery in District Maker Barracks at St. Germans, Cornwall.

John married Lizzie L. TOMPKINS in the Newark Registration District in 1914. They did not have any children.

John & Elizabeth Pask née Shields

Whilst researching John Edward Pask, who is buried in Tibshelf Derbyshire, I revisted his family. His father was John PASK who was baptized on 18 May 1817 in Manthorpe, Lincolnshire. John married Elizabeth SHIELDS on 11 June 1849 in Lenton, Lincolnshire. They were originally thought to have had three children. However after searching the National Burial Index (NBI) for Manthorpe, I identified a further two children both called John, who died in infancy.

His wife, Elizabeth, was buried on 6 July 1860 in St. John, Manthorpe, Lincolnshire, at the age of 38. John remarried Ann BELL, the mother of John Edward Pask.

John senior was buried on 3 May 1880 in Manthorpe, Lincolnshire, at the age of 62.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

John E. Pask - Tibshelf War Memorial

Recently we have been in correspondence with Andrew Hesketh. Andrew currently has a project underway to find out how each and every serviceman died (during the 1914 -1918 Great War) from Tibshelf. For more information.

On the war memorial, John Edward PASK is listed. Andrew advises that John died on home service on 16 May 1916 and is actually buried in Tibshelf cemetery. John was the son of John and Saran Ann Pask, of Manthorpe, Lincolnshire. He was the husband of Lizzie Pask of 44, Tring Rd., Aylesbury, Bucks. He was a a Serjeant in the Royal Garrison Artillery 28th Coy. Service.

There will be a further update on John in the future.

GOONS Web Award 2006 - Comments

My friend has just given me some food for thought on this:

"I know the award was important to you but personally I think the website itself is much more important and more deserving of your focus. Frankly, 50 years from now no one will care whether you won an award in 2006. But, the legacy and totality of what you created will be priceless for future Euridge and Pask generations. That is the true goal of genealogy, not winning awards. Focus on the website itself and let that be its own reward."

Thanks Mark, You are so right.

GOONS Web Award 2006

Yesterday the GOONS Web Award 2006 was officially announced.

The winners were
Also commended

Although our websites and were commended, I was somewhat disappointed with the results. Last year, was 2nd, and the previous time 3rd. However last year was not even mentioned.

Striving to improve, I followed the recommendations from the judges, I revamped both websites, stripping out all the previous javascript and focusing on improving the technical side with well structured HTML. The comment this year was that:

"though your sites are well designed, we felt that design standards had moved on"

Oh well, some you win, some you loose!

The main thing is that that the websites continue to grow substantially, together with the certificates, photographs, dates and anecdotes that would never have come our way had we not had the websites. Sincere thanks to all fellow researchers who have contributed to the websites.

Ellen Louisa Hairsine née Pask

Received an update from John Pask of Aldershot, who is researching his great grandfather Charles Pask of Fulbeck.

He has located Charles' daugher Ellen Louisa's son Herbert Leslie HAIRSINE born 23 June 1908 in the registration district St. Marylebone. He married Ida I DOWDY in 1930/Q2 Newport Pagnell. Herbert died Nov 1989 aged 81yrs in the Kettering registration district.

John is going to order the marriage and death certificate.

John Pask & Ellen CAIN from Rochdale, Lancashire

In the GOONS mailing list, the website was mentioned. From there I located a John & Ellen Pask who are buried in Rochdale Cemetery Lancashire

Pask, Ellen, d. 24 Aug 1930, age: 75yrs, w/o John
Pask, John, d. 25 Jan 1936, age: 77yrs, h/o Ellen

This was confirmed in the GRO death index:
1930/Q3 PASK, Ellen Rochdale 8e 49 age 75
1936/Q1 PASK, John Rochdale 8e 63 age 77

I also found in the marriage index
1880/Q2 PASK, John Rochdale 8c 87 which was cross-referenced to Ellen CAIN.

In the 1891 census (LANRG12_3142_11_15), I found them living at 5 Beach Street, Elton, Bury, Lancashire with a daughter May. John was a Horsekeeper born in Heddington [Kedington], Suffolk. From there I established that he was John PASK. He was baptized on 11 July 1858 in Kedington, Suffolk. He was the son of Joseph PASK and Caroline BOWYER.

I will follow up on this when time permits.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

James Pask (1888 - )

This information relates to the Purple-Icon tree - descendants of John & Frances Pask née Haffinden who originated from Thundersley, Essex.

Laurence Pask e-mailed us from New Zealand. He is the grandson of James PASK who was married to Margaret Ellen BRACEWELL on 20 November 1911 in Fielding New Zealand.

On the website, we have Margaret also being married to James Raymond PASK. This will be corrected in the next website update.

In the meantime Laurence has offered to provide his lineage from James PASK.

GRO Marriage Index 1920-1983

I made final corrections to the marriages. Most corrections were due to the typewriter used when typing the indexes in the 1960s. The keys obviously needed cleaning. For verification purposes I used the images from These seem to be much clearer (for this period) than those available on

Next step is to prepare for uploading to the GOONS Archive. Hopefully this will be done this evening.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

GRO Indexes 1920-1983

In March, our very good friend Jan Cooper, who researches the Greathead One-Name Study, kindly transcribed the GRO indexes from 1902 to 1983 from the images downloaded from

The current status of these records are:

Births: Transcribed, Verified, Corrected, Now Available.
Births in Civil Registration from 1837 to 1911 is searchable online at the GOONS Archive.

Marriages: Transcribed, Verified, In Correction Process
Marriages in Civil Registration from 1837 to 1919 is currently searchable online at the GOONS Archive. When corrections are completed, the archive will be extended to 1940.

Deaths: Transcribed, In process of being verified.
Deaths in Civil Registration from 1837 to 1910 is currently searchable online at the GOONS Archive. When verficication process, and corrections are complete, the archive will be extended to 1982.

Now these indexes are computerised it will make a tremendous difference. In the past when inquiries for this period were received it is very time consuming to view each image for the relevant years and quarters.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Cecil C. Pask born 1919

When including John Pask's information into the database, we were mystified that a Cecil C. Pask who was born in the same quarter as John's father Godfrey C. Pask.

Cecil C. Pask was registered in the same district, and with the same mother's surname. It may be that they are twins, or they are the same person under different names. John is going to send for their certificates. So it will be interesting to see what the results will be.

Charles Pask from Fulbeck, Lincolnshire

Last week John Pask, who we have known for over 20 years, provided us with a detailed narrative of his ancestors.

Whilst including John's grandfather Charles Pask who was born on 11 May 1882, we found him in the 1901, and then the 1891 census, together with his mother and brothers and sisters. However his father was not listed. We then searched the 1881 census, and found that his father was also called Charles. They were living at Queens Terrace Mews, Kensington. Charles [Snr] was aged 25 born in Fulbeck Lincolnshire, the Head of Household; a Coachman - Domestic Servant, living with his wife Jane, and children George, Ellen, and Annie.

We then realised that John's great-grandfather was Charles Pask, the son of George Pask and Betsy Woolhouse. This was one of the families we researched when we started the Pask, Paske One-Name Study in 2003. One of Charles' sister was Caroline "Carrie" Pask. We were very fortunate at that time that Carrie's grandson Christopher Lewis, who now lives in California, contacted us. Then in July 2004, on a visit back to England Christopher, together with his brother Timothy, came to see us. They brought with them Carrie's photograph album which had several unidentified photographs from the 1890s. At that time we only included a few photographs on the website.

So you can imagine our excitement when we connected Charles and Caroline. Included in the photographs were some taken in London - there was a possibility that the London photographs in Caroline's album may be Charles, or of his family.

On Tuesday evening John telephoned and during a very interesting 2-hour telephone call, I asked John what happened to his great-grandfather he said "Oh, he was reputed to gone off and left them and went to Canada or America". This started the alarm bells ringing. Also in Carrie's photograph album were two additional photographs taken in a New York studio, showing three young children. There was written on the back of the photographs "Durant" 10. Oct 23rd 1898 Marshall Woolhouse Pask age 11 June 14th 1899 Oakdale U.S.A., and Royal Charles Pask age 6 years 3 months June 1899. However in 2003, although searches were made, nothing was found. Was there a possibility that Charles had gone to the US and had additional children?

On Wednesday John subscribed to pay-as-you-view on and established that Charles was living in New York, in the 1900 census - a Coachman, living with his wife Filamela [Filomenia], and children Marchall [Marshall], Durant, twins Lucius and Lawrence, and Royal C.
Since then we have established that he, and possibly Filomenia immigrated in 1888. We have also found them in the 1910, and 1930 census living in New York and their sons' World War I draft registration cards, with their dates of birth, and addresses.

We have now signed up for a year's subscription with and will methodically trace all other possible information.

Johannis PASK, born c1545 lived in Washingborough, Lincolnshire

Johannis is one of the earliest progenitors we have in Lincolnshire. Patricia Chown wrote to us on Sunday to update us on her progress and plans relating to her research on Johannis.

Patricia and her husband Bob are studying the early Washingborough Paskes. As the registers for this period (1562-1660) are in Latin, and extensively abbreviated it is quite hard going. However Patricia is making some progress.

Initially it was believed that John Pask may have married Margaret Cork. However they now believe, this should be Cocke as they have compared the lower case r's and c's. They have not looked at the burials yet so cannot tell if Margaret died before John married Elizabeth Archer in 1576.

Patricia is hoping to have a full week or four days at the archives in Lincoln and will focus on the early Washingborough Paskes and review the Parish Records again for Washingborough 1562-1660 as some of the pages are very difficult to read especially when the writing is early English and the names in 'dog' Latin. They hope to get some of the key names confirmed by Archivists at Lincoln. Also they intend to look at the Will situation and see if there are more than those originally found for us by Brenda Webster relating to the 1600, 1614 and 1647.

Easter 2006 - My First Blog

I decided to create a blog to enable me to record what was happening each week/day in the Pask, Paske One-Name Study. I record on the website the major updates, usually on a month-to-month basis, but sometimes it is easily forgotten that we were working on this or that inquiry.