Thursday, May 25, 2006

David & Mary Pask née Havelock

Through Genes Reunited, we connected with Emma Phillips who is researching David & Mary Pask née Havelock. David was baptized on 5 May 1844 in Kedington, Suffolk.

David & Mary had six children:

  1. Milley PASK b. 12 May 1867
  2. Maria PASK b. 10 Jul 1870
  3. Alice PASK b. 9 Aug 1874
  4. Laura PASK b. 10 Oct 1875
  5. George PASKE b. 11 Aug 1878
  6. Rosanna PASK b. Aug 1880

Unfortunately David died in 1883 at the age of 39.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

John & Harriet Pask formerly Lander

Wanting to determine the father of John Pask, the Flute Maker, and also whether Harriet Lander was married before, I have purchased the marriage certificate of John & Harriet Pask formerly Lander (1837/Q3 PASK, John Strand 1 354).

The certificate is scheduled for despatch on 13 June.

Marriage Certificate for Thomas & Hannah Pask née Parish

Wanting to determine whether there is a connection to other families in the Essex area, I have purchased the marriage certificate of Thomas & Hannah Pask née Parish (1840/Q4 PASK, Thomas Romford 12 448).

The certificate is scheduled for despatch on 13 June.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Harriett Pask formerly Lander née ?

As a follow on from John Pask, the Flute Maker, I have been (together with Sue Keefe) locating his wife Harriet(t) in the censuses, through to her death in 1882.

In 1841, John & Harriet were living at Lowther Arcade, St. Martin in the Fields, Charing Cross, Middlesex: HO107 Piece 0739 Book 5 Folio 56-57.

In 1851, they were living with his daughter Matilda at 21 Stamford Villas, Fulham, Middlesex: HO107 Piece 1471 Folio 203 Page 80.

In 1861, she was listed as an aunt (more details to follow)

In 1871, she was living at 3 Malden Crescent, St. Pancras, London: RG10 Piece 245 Folio 41 Page 14. She was listed as a Merchant's wife [although her husband is not listed].

In 1881, she was listed as a widow, an Annuitant, boarding at 6 Crogsland Road, St. Pancras: RG11 Piece 214 Folio 34 Page 62.

Harriet died in 1882 at the age of 76. (1882/Q1 PASK, Harriett Pancras 1b 123 age 76) It is not yet established when John died, but it is probably between 1871 and 1881.

These details will be included in the next website update.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Matilda Lavinia Elliott née Pask

Whilst researching John Pask, the Flute Maker, I located the family in the 1851 census. John was listed as a Musican and Musical Instrument Maker, Master employing 12 men living with his wife Harriet, and 16-year old daughter Matilda.

Matilda was not listed in the 1841 census. However Sue Keefe located her birth and baptism in She was born Matilda Lavinia Pask on 10 January 1835, and baptised on 17 April 1835 in the Old Church, Saint Pancras. Her parents were given as John & Matilda Lavinia Pask. It is therefore likely that Matilda's mother died between 1835 and 1837, when her father married Harriet Lander.

Based on this information I found Matilda (indexed as Park) living in Fore Street, Edmonton, Middlesex a Pupil aged 6 of Anne Connell at a school together with 9 other pupils. (HO107 Piece 652 Book 2 Folio 19-20). Interestingly enough also listed as pupils were Emily & John Lander aged 4 and 5. Could these be related to John's wife Harriet Lander?

In the 1851 census she was listed with John & Harriet. In the 1861 census she is listed with her father living at 4 Adelaide Road, Hampstead (RG9 Piece 0091 Folio 35 Page 17) . However, her father's name is crossed out, and marked (Absent).

Matilda married John Henry Elliott in 1864/Q4 in the Hampstead registration district. John & Matilda were listed in the 1871 Census (RG10 Piece 0359 Folio 50 Page 18). John was a Tea Dealer. They were living at 2 Adelaide Street, St. Martin in the Fields, London. Could this be the same house as she lived in the 1861 census?

These details will be included in the next website update.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

John Pask's Photograph Album

Several weeks ago John Pask from Aldershot gave us the opportunity to scan his photograph album that contained photographs of his grandparents , parents, and siblings. These include:

I thought it would be nice to include these on the website, in an electronic album. I will include in the narratives links to this electronic album in the near future.

John Pask - Flute Maker

John Pask was a Flute Maker. He was a maker of brass and woodwind instruments in London between 1840 and 1871. Currently very little is known about him. However, a couple of the instruments he made are shown on the website of Terry McGee, Flute Maker.

He married Harriet Lander in 1837 in the Strand registration district.

Susan Keefe has found him in the 1841 census, living with his wife Harriett in Lowther Arcade, St. Martin in the Fields, London. However we have not been able to find him in subsequent censuses.

Update: 9.55am
Have found John & Harriett in the 1851 census, indexed incorrectly under the name PARK. They were living at 21 Stamford Villas, Fulham, Middlesex (H0107 1471 203 80). He was a Musican and Musical Instrument Maker, Master employing 12 men living with his wife Harriet, and 16-year old daughter Matilda. John came from Rotherhithe, and Harriet from Norwich, Norfolk.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Website Update 18 May 2006

The website was updated today. The new people are mainly relating to the descendants of John & Susannah Pask née Empingham who originated from Timberland, Lincolnshire. The ancestors of Charles V. Pask.

As detailed in the previous blog, Charles has provided information that has enabled us to link together several families and significantly update John & Susannah's chart from 33 descendants to 57.

A full list of these recent changes to the narratives is available in the New or Changed Narratives section.

Sidney George. G. J. Pask (1929-1980)

Through Genes Reunited, we connected with Samantha Spinner who has listed Sidney George G. J. Pask as her grandfather.

Sidney was born on birth 8 July 1929, and his birth was registered in 1929/Q3 in the Newport Monmouthshire Registration District (RD). Sidney married Georgina, and they had three daughters. Sidney died in 1980/Q3 in the Hastings RD.

Sidney's parents were Thomas & Annie Pask née Meskill, who married in the 1920/Q3. Thomas & Annie had nine children, Thomas P., Thurza A., Lyndon F., William J. S., Kenneth C., Sidney G. G., (Samantha's grandfather) Margaret M. M., Francis W. A., and Pearl J. in the Newport or Pontypool RD.

Thomas (Samantha's great-grandfather) was born in 1894 in Cwmbran, Monmouthshire. He was the son of Thomas & Thirza Pask formerly King, whose father (Samantha's great-grandfather) was William Pask. A descendancy chart for this family is detailed on the website. Samantha's information will increase this chart considerably.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Website Update 16 May 2006

The website was updated yesterday. The narratives database now includes 5,610 people. An increase of 116 new people in the past month.

The new people are mainly relating to the descendants of Thomas & Hannah Pask née Parish. Thomas was a Shoemaker born in Upminster, Essex.

As detailed in the previous blog, Susan Keefe, Ian Black and Trevor Ahmed have provided information that has enabled us to piece together a substantial chart containing 42 of their descendants. This is far from complete, and we welcome any additional information. We are still missing the links to the Thundersley, Essex progenitor John Pask (1771-1847)and Susan's ancestor Joshua Pask.

A full list of these recent changes to the narratives is available in the New or Changed Narratives section.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Pask Fire Insurance Certificates

Karen Dorling recently wrote to me. She had attended the GOONS Annual Conference, and there was a lecture on Fire Insurance Certificates. She kindly provided me a list of Pask policies from the MS 11936 index.

They mainly relate to Oliver Pask, whose daughter Ann English Pask married Joseph Dorling. The certificates relate to several addresses in Curtain Road, 12 Magdalen Street Bermondsey, and 13 Fitzroy Place New Road Marylebone, 2 and 3 East Street Finsbury Market, and 8-10 Upper John Street Hoxton.

The certificates can be ordered from the London Guildhall Library.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Genes Reunited Tree Matches May 2006

During this month, through Genes Reunited, there has been the following tree matches. Hopefully additional information will follow:

Martin, is researching Ann, or Annie Pask. Anne's birth was registered in 1859 in the Sleaford registration district, however she was not baptised until 26 October 1862 in Timberland. Ann was the daughter of Richard Pask (1822 - April 1900), who married Ann Boyce. As is so often the case, simultaneous inquiries are received on the same line - we are currently working on this family, together with Charles V. Pask. See the blog John & Susannah Pask née Empingham of Lincolnshire.

Sinead, is researching Agatha Pask, born in 1869 in Haverhill, Suffolk. She was the daughter of John Pask and Sarah Cornell. John, was a Miller. Agatha was the 3 x great-granddaughter of the Suffolk progenitors John & Mirabel Pask née Sparrow.

Andrew, is researching Clara Pask born 1863. This is Clarissa Pask the daughter of George Pask and Eliza Heckford. Clara married Elijah Cockerton in 1888. Her narrative has not been updated recently, and with so much more available online, it will be interesting to expand her narrative.

Michael, is researching Enoch Lewis Pask who was born in Coychurch, Glamorganshire. He was listed in the 1901 census as the grandson of Hezekiah & Ann Pask née Walters. In the 1891 census he was listed as the grandson of Mary Lewis, together with Mary Pask. It may be assumed that Mary Pask was possibly the wife of Frederick Pask, the son of Hezekiah. However, this requires additional research.

Brian, is researching George Charles Pask, who was born in 1867 in Camberwell, London. George married Laura LING in 1892 in the St. Saviour registration district. In 1897 they had a daughter Maude Laura PASK. Unfortunately Laura died shortly afterwards. In 1899 George married Frances STEPHENSON, and in August 1900 their daughter Winifred Frances PASK was born.

Thomas & Hannah Pask née Parish

Yesterday I spent several hours including into the database the research notes on the ancestors of Trevor Ahmed, and Ian Black. They are both linked to Thomas and Hannah Pask née Parish.

Ian is descended from Thomas & Hannah's eldest son Thomas Henry who was born in 1841 in Upminster.

Trevor is descended from Thomas & Hannah's fifth child John who was born in 1847 probably in Thoyden Bois, Essex. However he was also listed in the censuses as being born in Upminster, Epping, and Loughton. Hopefully if Trevor purchases John's birth certificate this will clarify where he was born.

I hope to finish including all the known information soon, and will then update the website, including a chart showing all the descendants from Thomas & Hannah Pask née Parish.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Lilian Gertrude Pask (1882-)

Ian Black contacted me, and provided information on his grandmother Lilian Gertrude Pask, who married Lennox Garrick Black in Devonport in December 1913.

Lilian was born in 1882, and was the daughter of the shoemaker Thomas & Elizabeth Pask née Mollard. Lilian has several siblings including possibly Herbert, Charles, Bertram, Florence, Mande, Muriel, Violet, Jessie, Ernest, and Ivy. Several of which died in infancy. The family lived in Northampton, however Lilian's father Thomas Henry (also known as Henry Thomas, or Thomas Harry) was born in 1841 in Upminster, Essex. His parents were Thomas & Hannah Pask née Parish. Thomas was also a shoemaker, and the whole family were involved in making shoes, as seen in the 1851 census, when Thomas Snr was a Boot Closer, and his children were either an Operator, Liner, or Closer.

Once my laptop is operational again, I will update the database with extensive information about these families.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

John & Susannah Pask née Empingham of Lincolnshire

Charles V. Pask e-mailed me regarding his four generations of Charles Pask.

After researching, it is likely that Charles was a descendant of John who was baptised in 1776 in Gautby, Lincolnshire. John married Susannah Empingham, in 1822 in Timberland. They had seven children:

Richard PASK+ b. 17 Nov 1822, d. Apr 1900
Joseph PASK+ b. 1824, d. 1901
Hannah PASK b. 14 Dec 1826
Margaretta PASK b. 18 Oct 1829
b. 1831, d. Feb 1833
Ruth PASK b. 1831
Edward PASK+ b. 1834
Charles' great-great-great-grandfather was Richard PASK (1822 - April 1900), who married Ann BOYCE. They also had seven children:

Sarah Ann PASK b. 7 Nov 1852
John PASK b. 1855
Elizabeth PASK b. 1 Nov 1857
Anne PASK+ b. 1859
Richard PASK b. 26 Oct 1862, d. 1896
William PASK b. 1865, d. 1866
Mary PASK b. 25 Jul 1868

Charles' great-great-grandfather was John PASK (1855- ), who moved to Lancashire c1881. In 1887 he married Annie SELBY, who died between 1891 and 1901 (no death found in the GRO death index). John is listed in the 1891 & 1901 census.

John & Annie had three children, all registered in the Chorlton registration district:

Charles breg. 1887 - (the first of five generations with the name Charles)
Mary Ann breg. 1888
Minnie breg.1891

There could be more children, but it is difficult to determine.

Charles' great-grandfather was Charles (1887- ), who also lived in the Chorlton registration district. He married Lilian HARDY in 1906. Charles & Lilian had two children, possibly more.

1908/Q3 PASK, Charles Chorlton 8c 804
1914/Q1 PASK, Clara HARDY Chorlton 8c 1464

Charles' grandfather was Charles (1908- ) who married Agnes POOLE in 1929 in the Manchester registration district. Charles & Agnes had five children.

Computer Problems

I had all good intentions to include all the information on Pask Shoemakers of Essex, and their associated families. Unfortunately my laptop is malfunctioning, and I am limited to Outlook, and Excel. Hope to rectify this once I am back in the UK.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Joseph & Julia Pask of Tower Hamlets

Joseph PASK was born in 1816 in Rayleigh, Essex. He married Julia PASK née ? (1821-1859) in c1835. They had a son John born in 1835 in Aldgate. The family was found in the 1841 and 1851 census.

Joseph's death may have been registered under the name PASQUE in 1873/Q3 PASQUE, Joseph in the Poplar registration district. Julia died in 1859/Q3 in the Whitechapel registration district, and the son John in 1855/Q1 also in the Whitechapel registration district.

Susan has found Joseph in the 1861 census (indexed under the name PARK), living in St. Botloph without Aldgate, where he was listed as a Shoemaker from Essex, living with his wife Sarah. A Joseph PASK married a Sarah LACEY in 1852/Q1 in the Bethnal Green registration district. However as Julia did not die until 1859, further clarification is required.

Thanks to Sue for this additional information.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Pask Shoemakers of Essex

Susan Keefe has been in contact with us since January 2005, she has been researching Jane Rebecca Harley who married Joshua Pask (1858-1930).

In April 2006, I contacted Trevor Ahmed via Genes Reunited who is researching Iris Maud Pask, whose ancestor was John Pask who was born in 1848-1850 in Loughton Essex. He was a shoemaker. Also as a coincidence, 10 days ago, Ian Black also listed in Genes Reunited that he was looking for Thomas Henry Pask born in Upminster in 1842.

Subsequently Susan and I have been researching several Pask shoemakers, as they are probably connected to the Thundersley, Essex progenitor John Pask (1771-1847). and related to Joshua Pask.

As I will be in Germany on business this coming week, and staying in a hotel, I probably will not have access to the internet to do research, so I am taking with me the notes from the research that Susan and I have done during the past 4-6 weeks. So my main task this week will be to include this information into the database.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Website Update 6 May 2006

The website has been updated today. The updated narratives include information on:

Augustus St. Clair Pask's Descendants

Amanda has contacted me. Augustus St Clair Pask also had a daughter called Clara May and a son called James.

Additionally that there is a correction relating to Eunice Noreen Jones and Iorwerth W. Jones. It was stated that they had a child called Eunice Jones. This is incorrect. They had a daughter called Elaine Marie Jones who is Amanda's mother.

The website has been updated with this information.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Pasks of New South Wales, Australia

Recently heard about the NSW Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages website. In the family history section they can search the Online Historical Indexes. These provided 123 births, marriages, and deaths for the Pask/Paske surname:

Births between 1788 to 1905

  • 3 Births Pask
  • 20 Births Paske

Deaths 1788 to 1975

  • 16 Deaths Pask
  • 32 Deaths Paske

Marriages 1788 to 1955

  • 8 Pask Grooms
  • 5 Pask Brides
  • 21 Paske Grooms
  • 18 Paske Brides

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Charles Pask (1856-1939)

Through the GOONS mailing list, I was notified about the Genealogy Italian Group of New York. They are compiling a database of all the surnames and areas of Italy that their members (past and present) are researching.

Fortunately the New York City Death Index provides information on Charles Pask. Charles died on April 22, 1939 in Queens at the age of 84 years.

The index also provides information on Alice M. Pask, Catherine Pask, Farmer Pask, Louise M. Pask, and Riyal [Royal] Pask.

This information, together with other entries from the Genealogy Italian Group, including the marriage of Charles' son Mardhall W [Marshall Woolhouse] Pask, will be included in the database in the near future.

Joseph Howard Pask's Ancestors & Descendants

Over the past few days, together with Jan Sawyer, I have been researching the ancestors and descendants of Joseph Howard Pask (1901-1935).

Joseph was the son of Joseph Pask and Mary Ann Phillips, who lived in Islington. However Joseph and Mary originated from Cambridgeshire. Joseph senior's parents were John Pask and Emily Liquorice. Unfortunately they both died fairly young, and subsequently the younger members of the family were probably brought up by their maternal aunt Alice Virgin née Liquorice.

Joseph Howard was the great-grandfather of Jan's new granddaughter Louise Naomi Pask.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Website Update 1 May 2006

The website has been updated today. The updated narratives include information on:

Information on all the new or changed narratives is available in the narratives section on the Pask, Paske One-Name Study.

Ann Pask born 1827 Chevington, Suffolk

David Pask e-mailed us on 29 April 2006 detailing information on his line of descent from Ann PASK, who was not previously listed in our records. Additionally, he explained that Ann's parents were John PASK and Ellen MORTLOCK, and that John was the 2 x great-grandson of the Suffolk progenitor, John & Mirabel PASK née SPARROW.

David's extension information has enabled us to piece together a significant number of births, marriages, and deaths. In particular the families of:

Sincere thanks to David, as this enabled us to link together several unconnected families and extend significantly the information of the decendants of John & Mirabel PASK née SPARROW.

Herbert Bunt - BBC 1 "Found"

Herbert telephoned this morning and updated us on the events around the television programme "Found".

The programme was filmed in January 2006, in several locations including his home, Blythburgh, the Foundling home, and Berkhamsted school.

The Found programme was produced by Leopard Films. It will be televised on Wednesday 10 May, at 9:15 am on BBC1.