Thursday, December 25, 2008

1911 Census

Wishing everyone a very happy & healthy Christmas and New Year.

Just before Christmas the beta version of the 1911 Census was released. Initially there were only four counties available. We have downloaded all the PASK, and PASKE images for London, Middlesex, Staffordshire, and Gloucestershire.

Since then, they have released a further 22 counties to the beta site. There is a full list of the counties available on the blog. Also they have extended the beta test period for a few days into the Christmas holidays. All the latest information is available in the blog.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lincoln Marriages

Yesterday I received 55 (yes - fifty five) marriage transcripts from the Lincoln Registration District from Marion Harper Hopkins of the Guild of One-Name Studies.

They are as a result of the Guild of One-Name Studies (GOONS) Marriage Challenge. The Marriage Challenge is a Guild Project in which volunteers (Challengers) search for marriage entries in the deposited Parish Registers for a particular Registration District (RD) for the period 1837 to 1911.

Of the 55 marriages, two marriages were not listed in the GRO indexes:

  • 1858/Q3 PASK, Joseph Lincoln 7a 729 = PASK, Elizabeth on 20 July 1858 at St. John the Evangelist, Washingborough. This is listed under the name of PARK in the GRO Indexes.
  • 1860/Q2 PASK, Elizabeth = BUTTERY, John Lincoln 7a 883 on 31 March 1860 at St. Lawrence, Bardney. This is listed in the GRO Indexes under the names of BUTREY & PESK.
Copies of the marriage transcripts, and subsequently identified information will be included in the database and the website in the near future.

Sincerest thanks to Marion for her superb efforts. We are indebted to her for her committment to this project. The Pask, Paske One-Name Study has benefited substantially.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

PASKs of Suffolk Volume I - Updated

This information relates to the main Suffolk tree - descendants of John & Mirabel Pask née Sparrow, born c1680 who lived in Wickhambrook, Suffolk.

The latest version of Suffolk Volume I is now available from the Lulu website. There is many additional pages and photographs. This has increased the cost to £9.50, plus postage. There is still time to order for Christmas.

Many thanks to those who have contributed to the update:

  • Melanie Carter, who provided photographs taken at the Pask Family Gathering, and additional information on the descendants of Thomas & Hephzibah Maria Pask née Tyte.
  • Michael Charles Pask, for his images of the bible belonging to Philip & Rosetta Pask née Keen listing the births, marriages, deaths, and grandchildren.
  • Sandra Ann Pask, who provided additional information on the descendants of Leslie Roland & Patricia Joyce Pask née Whitbread.
  • John Anthony Pask, who provided several photographs of the descendants of Thomas & Sophia Pask née Willis.
  • Julia Coleman née Pask for her photograph and detailed information on the family of Reginald Stanley & Brenda Pask née Buxton.

Details of all Pask Publications are available on the website.

If you would like to purchase this revised Volume I, and do not feel happy about ordering it through the internet, contact us and will purchase it on your behalf.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Website Updates

You may have noticed that there has not been any website updates for sometime. I have had a technically challenging couple of months!

Not only has the website been plagued with a problem with malware (see the previous blog), but I have had major problems with my hardware.

I use a desktop when working at home, and a laptop when travelling. Unfortunately in October my desktop went wrong, after several previous malfunctions I decided it was time to have a new desktop. So after coming back from the pentiultimate cruise on the QE2, I purchased a new latest technology high specification desktop. This meant I would be using Windows Vista with a 64-bit processor. I tried to install all the software I use for family history, however experienced several problems due to the 64-bit processor. This includes the software used to update the website. I perservered with this time-consuming task. When I was almost finished, the desktop developed a major fault and had to be returned to the manufacturer.

Whilst I have been waiting for the repair to the desktop I have been using my laptop. On Thursday evening I switched on my laptop only to find the harddisk has gone wrong.

Fortunately most of the information is backed up and retrievable. However, if I have been slow responding to you, I trust you understand. Hopefully normal service will be resumed shortly.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Pask Website - Malware on Website

Over the past couple of weeks the Pask, Paske One-Name Study website has been attacked by an "antivirus 2009" alert that has spread wide over the Internet. This rogue anti-virus software installs malware on the website that redirects to other sites for the download of this same rogue anti-virus software.

In non-technical jargon it was a scam to convince the person looking at the website that they had a virus attack, and that they should purchase the software to overcome this.

There was no risk to your computer, it was not a virus. There is no need for you to do anything. However if you are concerned, you can download one of the programs created specifically for "antivirus 2009" removal and scan your computer with it. One of such programs is available at:

This issue has now been resolved, and you should not have any problems accessing the website.

Many thanks to all those who notified me about this.