Friday, July 27, 2007

Charles Paske (1846-1920) from Usk

This information relates to Chart 4, the descendants of William Paske, (1768 - 1855) from Cwmcarvan, Monmouthshire.

Caroline White wrote to us this week and pointed out that Charles Paske born in 1846 in Usk, and shown as the progenitor in Chart 5, is the same person as Charles Paske who is shown in Chart 4, the grandson of William Paske from Cwmcarvan.

These two records will be merged, and in the next website update you will find additional information for Charles Paske. Chart 5 will also be merged into Chart 4.

Many thanks to Caroline for pointing this out.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

William & Maud Pask née Phillips of Hargrave

This information relates to a currently unidentified main branch of the family with roots in Suffolk.

Rose Beadle has been writing to us over the last few days. Her mother was a close friend of the Pask family who ran the Post Office & general store in the centre of Hargrave, Suffolk. Next door was a pair of semi-detached cottages; Rose's grandparents lived in the first, and Laura Pask in the second.

Rose's mother was bridesmaid at the marriage of Laura Irene (Nene) Pask to Frank Morley in 1945 in Bury St. Edmunds registration district.

Rose has kindly provided the photographs of both Nene's wedding, and also her sister Kathleen Susannah Pask to William G. Hunt in 1937.

Laura Irene (Nene) Pask was the bridesmaid, next to the Bride. Their father William Pask, known as "Woodbine Will", was standing between his two daughters.

Currently we are unable to identify specifically their parents - however they are believed to be William & Maud Pask née Phillips. We have ordered Kathleen's birth certificate to confirm this.

In addition, they had a son Alec W. Pask, who was born 1916, and believed to have died in 1960 in the Norwich registration district.

If anyone has additional information on this family, we would be very interested. Many thanks to Rose for her information that has helped us group this family.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Descendants of James & Mary Pask née Allen

This information relates to the Purple-Icon tree - descendants of John & Frances Pask née Haffinden who originated from Thundersley, Essex.

Through genes reunited, I have been in contact with Margaret Robinson who has a very slight connection to the Pask family in New Zealand. She writes that Allen Neil Pask married Madeline Margaret Davis, who was born in Feilding, New Zealand. They have three children:

  1. Sharlene Tonia Pask
  2. Kevin Barry Pask
  3. Tracey Marie Pask

It would be good to include this family on Chart 10, and connect them back to James & Margaret Pask née Allen. It is likely that they are descendants of James & Mary Pask née Allen son's David Allen Pask, or James Pask.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Website Update 15 July 2007

The website was updated today Sunday 15 July. This update includes information as detailed in the previous blogs:

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed. A full list of these recent changes to the narratives is available in the New or Changed Narratives section. The narratives section now includes 6421 people.

Sidney Robert B. Pask (1906-1980)

This information relates to Chart 14, the descendants of William Pask, (1791 - 1874) Caythorpe, Lincolnshire.

Further to the previous blog titled Sidney Robert B. Pask (1906-1980), I am delighted to say that during my search of the Scottish births, marriages, and deaths on the Scotland Peoples website, I found the elusive marriage certificate for Sidney Robert Brown Pask.

He married on 26 December 1929 in St. Peters Church Edinburgh to Catherine Dewar Henderson, who was also a School Teacher. Based on this information, their daughter is probably Marjorie who was born in 1937 in the Hendon registration district, and possibly married in 1960 in the St. Albans registration district. Further investigation is required.

This information will be included in the next website update.

George Thomas Pask (1863-1919)

This information relates to the black-icon tree - descendants of John & Alice Pask née Woodcock.

Yesterday I was in contact, through Genes Reunited with Peter J. Pask. Fortunately Peter had given me access to his family tree, and I determined that he had traced his family back to John Charles Francis Pask who was born in Stronsay in the Orkneys.

We have not really done any Scottish research, except for censuses. However, I accessed the Scotland Peoples website, and searched for his birth in 1905. Fortunately the Scottish birth certificates for that period can be purchased online and downloaded.

I was extremely surprised, but delighted to realise that John's father was George Thomas Pask, the son of John & Ann Pask née Bell. We had "lost" George and his family, last known to be in Seaforth Lancashire in the 1901 census. We knew that George was in the Royal Artillery, similar to his brother John Edward Pask. George had married Mary Webb in Carew, Pembrokeshire in 1890, and they had three children.

I downloaded John Charles Francis Pask's birth certificate, and realised that although his father was George Thomas Pask, his mother was Margaret Elizabeth Liddle. Also in the birth index, there was another birth for a Lilian Dorothy Evelyn Pask, whose birth certificate showed the father as George Thomas Pask, and mother Mary Webb. Sadly I found the death certificate for Mary Webb who had died in February 1904, shortly after Lilian's birth.

With four young children to bring up, as would be customary in those days, George remarried on 8 December 1904 to Margaret Elizabeth Liddle in Stronsay. His brother John must have also been stationed in Stronsay at that time as he witnessed the marriage.

This information has been included in the database, and will be available in the next website update.

Together with Peter, we have been able to connect another 24 "living" people to the chart of John & Alice Pask née Woodcock. This was very timely as we are in the final stages of completing the Pasks of Great Gonerby book in preparation for the Pask Family Gathering on July 26, 2008. Stuart & Peter are fourth cousins. Many thanks to Peter for providing this information.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Family of Alfred Harry & Annie née Thomas

This information relates to the khaki-icon tree - descendants of Peter & Catherine Pask née Frost, born 1739 in Kedington, Suffolk.

Today Edwin has provided a superb photograph taken about 1918, of the family of Alfred Harry & Annie née Thomas.

Edwin writes:

"This is the family of Alfred Harry Pask & Annie Thomas, and these are the 10 that survived. Going from left to right you have: Edith, Millie, Alfred Harry Jnr (known always as Sonny), Vera (my mother), Evelyn (some called Blanche, her middle name), Reggie, Winnie, Bert, Bob and Freda.
He was given a copy, and thinks that his Aunt Freda held the original, but she died several years ago."

I am sure you will agree that this is an absolutely superb photograph. Many thanks to Edwin for sharing this photograph.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Descendants of Edward John & Betty Pask née Ainsworth

This information relates to the green-icon tree - descendants of John & Mirabel Pask née Sparrow.

Samantha Cole née Pask wrote to us yesterday and provided information on the descendants of Edward John & Betty Pask née Ainsworth.

Samantha is the 8th great-granddaughter of John & Mirabel Pask née Sparrow, the main progenitor of the Suffolk Pasks.

Samantha's information has been included in the database, and her parents, sister, and their children will be displayed on Chart 2 in the next website update. Many thanks to Samantha for contacting us.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Necklace of Rebecca Hodges née Pask

This information relates to the red-icon tree - descendants of Isaac PASK who lived in Llanvihangel-ystern-Llewern, Monmouthshire.

Kay Hodges wrote to us and provided a photograph of a necklace, together with a letter dated 1938, explaining the history of the necklace. Kay wrote:

"I think you will find this interesting. I have seen this necklace and held it in my hands. It is beautiful to touch and know that it belonged to My G G Grandmother Rebecca. The story is fantastic as to how many years it took to get it to Ruby Wheeler, who is a cousin of my Father".
The necklace belonged to Rebeka or Rebecca Hodges née Pask who died on 25 April 1865 at the age of 33. The necklace was given by her husband James Hodges to Alice Bailey Cottam, who immigrated to Utah, USA at the age of 11.

Many thanks to Kay for sharing with us the photograph, letter, and accompanying information. This is now included in the database, and will be available in the next website update.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Unidentified Photographs

This information relates to unidentified photographs, and is currently unconnected to a Pask family.

Paula Payne has provided three additional photographs she has found in her Aunt's collection. Paula writes:

"I have attached in hope someone may be able to recognise the subjects, a very slim chance but you never know. The first attachment has the name PASK on the back but that's all, the other two have nothing. "

If you are able to identify any of these photographs do let us know. Paula will be delighted.