Thursday, November 29, 2007

Pask Family Gathering 2008 - Update

Last weekend we visited Jo Pask, who is assisting us with the coordination of the Pask Family Gathering in Whepstead, Suffolk in July 2008.

Jo arranged for us to visit the village hall at Whepstead. We are truly delighted with the hall. It has excellent facilities, including the adjacent cricket and playing fields that can be used for the caravans and campers who are attending the Family Gathering. Additionally, set off the main road, there is parking facilities for 60-70 cars. The hall has a large, very well equipped kitchen, and bar, and meets our requirements superbly.

Additionally, during the weekend we were invited to an sumptuous dinner with Judy, who has very kindly volunteered to provide the BBQ for the evening event.

The remainder of the weekend was spent scanning over 100 photographs from Jo's family albums. These will be included in the new book Pasks of Wickhambrook, Suffolk. We are currently putting the final touches to the book and hope to have it released next week.

Sampler in Memory of Margret Herd

Sampler in Memory of Margret Herd who died August 27, 1871 This information relates to the blue-icon tree - descendants of Johannis [John] & Elizabeth Pask née Archer, who lived in Lincolnshire.

Yesterday evening I received a delightful e-mail from Alicja Fraser of Lincolnshire. She wrote:

I found the attached Sampler up in the attic of my home, several years ago. I came across it again today when tidying up and thought I would Google it and found the website about the Pask family and your email address. I wonder whether the sampler refers to your family tree. If so would you like it or is there a Herd family member that might like it?

I established that Margret [or Margaret] Herd was the mother of Elizabeth Pask née Herd, who was born in Heighington in 1829. Elizabeth married Michael Pask on 25 May 1853 in Washingborough. Elizabeth & Michael had seven children, including Sarah Ann Pask, who married Charles Willey, an ancestor of Andrew Willey, a researcher who contacted us in 2005, and provided a wealth of information on this family.

We will be contacting Andrew today, as Alicja is happy to pass on the sampler to his family.

Monday, November 19, 2007

William Alfred & Anna Sarah Pask née Rowe

William Alfred & Anna Sarah Pask née Rowe - Cromer 17 May 1937

This information relates to the khaki-icon tree - descendants of Peter & Catherine Pask née Frost, born 1739 in Kedington, Suffolk.

Last month Judith Crust contacted us about William & Alice Maria Bartram née Pask. Judith wrote:

I recently discovered that my Great Grandfather's brother William Bartram married Alice and that she was a Pask. Although she is not a direct relative I have being doing a bit of research into her family. My mother was writing to Alice and I have letters from her dating 1954, so finding she died in 1955 explains why the letters stopped. ... My Great Grandfather Francis Bartram went back to England in 1936/37 (he came out to Australia to live ) and I have photos with the name of Mr and Mrs Pask written on the back.
Today, Judith has conquered her new scanner, and provided the first of several photographs. This first photograph written on the back is Mr and Mrs Pask 17.05.37 at Cromer. Mr & Mrs Pask were William Alfred & Anna Sarah Pask née Rowe.

This would coincide with the jubilee of King George VI's coronation on 12 May 1937. Only last week, when shopping at the nearby Brooklands M & S, we saw a similar car in the car park, and took a long time admiring it.
Since thanks to Judith for her perservance with the scanner, it was well worth her efforts.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Descendants of William & Caroline Amelia Paske née Budding

This information relates to Chart 4, the descendants of William Paske, (1768 - 1855) from Cwmcarvan, Monmouthshire.

Sylvia Rycroft has contacted us. She writes:

I am a direct descendant of William Paske and Caroline Amelia Budding (Usk, Mon) and have been researching my family tree for some years. My grandmother was Isabella Agatha Paske, daughter of Charles Paske and Adelaide Middleton.

This is particularly good news as we are about to start the preparations for the third book Pasks of Monmouthshire. Hopefully Sylvia can help us tie us some loose ends here, and also provide some valuable photographs. We look forward to exchanging information with Sylvia.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Website Update 17 November 2007

The website was updated today Saturday 17 November. This update includes information as detailed in the previous blogs:

Lambeth Marriages

Descendants of James & Martha Pask née Heath

Descendants of Edward & Ellen Pask née Branham

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed. A full list of these recent changes to the narratives is available in the New or Changed Narratives section. There are now 6,891 narratives available.

Descendants of Edward & Ellen Pask née Branham

Edward Pask (1854 - 1895) This information relates to Chart 16, the descendants of --?-- Pask, who lived in Hackthorne, Lincolnshire. He was the father of Thomas and William Pask.

Over the past few days we have been in contact with Jacqueline Brown via Genes Reunited. She is researching the descendants of Edward & Ellen Pask née Branham, in particular their daughter Charlotte Pask.

Jacqueline has provided information on the marriage of Charlotte to John William Hair, and their four children. This included Theresa Winifred Brooks née Hair, who was the mother, of Carol Gage née Brooks. Carol kindly provided information on this family in 2006, including photographs of Edward, and his wife Ellen Pask née Branham.

Descendants of James & Martha Pask née Heath

This information relates to Chart 30, the descendants of James Pask, (1835 - ) who lived in the hamlet of Southrow, or Southrey, near Bardney, Lincolnshire.

During the past few days we have been in contact with Bernard Seeling, the great-grandson of James & Martha Pask née Heath. Bernard's mother was Marie (or Maria) Pask, who married Charles Edward Arthur Seeling.

Charles was born in Auckland New Zealand, but lived in Wigan Lancashire, where he played for Wigan Rugby League before transferring to Dewsbury in 1937.

Bernard has provided a wealth of information relating to this family, and this will be included in the next website update.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Lambeth Marriages

Yesterday I received six marriage transcripts from Marion Harper Hopkins of the Guild of One-Name Studies.

They are as a result of the Guild of One-Name Studies (GOONS) Marriage Challenge. The Marriage Challenge is a Guild Project in which volunteers (Challengers) search for marriage entries in the deposited Parish Registers for a particular Registration District (RD) for the period 1837 to 1911.

These six marriages relate to the Lambeth Registration District, and include:

  • James Pask and Charlotte Mary Chaffin - 24 April 1864
  • Richard Wessell and Eliza Pask - 29 December 1870.
  • Thomas Pask and Harriet Doe - 1 November 1877
  • William Pash and Emma Dimmock - 26 August 1883 (originally indexed under the name of Pask.
  • George Pask and Emily Adams - 9 March 1890
  • John Bailey and Maud Isabella Paske - 12 August 1890

Copies of the marriage transcripts, and subsequently identified information will be included in the next website update.

Sincerest thanks to Marion for her superb efforts, especially as she was working to a very tight deadline as the London Metropolitan Archives is now closed to the public for major internal refurbishment until Monday 21 January 2008.

Pasks of Wickhambrook Suffolk

This information relates to the green-icon tree - descendants of John & Mirabel Pask née Sparrow, born c1680 lived in Wickhambrook, Suffolk.

We are very pleased to say that the draft of the book Pasks of Wickhambrook has been sent to the publishers Lulu. Hopefully the book will arrive in time for our forthcoming weekend in Suffolk. This is the second book in the series that we are publishing in preparation for the Pask Family Gathering on July 26, 2008.

The book is currently only a draft, and is not yet released. We need to proof it, and include all the photographs that have so kindly been provided by the researchers in this family. The released version will be available in early December - just in time to order it for Christmas presents!

There are 1000+ people mentioned, and it contains 47 descendancy charts, with the accompanying narratives. Once the photographs are in place, the book will probably be 300 pages, and cost approximately £8.90 (plus postage) in black and white. The book is double the size of the Pasks of Great Gonerby Lincolnshire.

During the compiling of this book we were amazed how many people with the same name (and not common names) married more than one Pask. These include ADAMS, BUCKLE, CURRY, FLACK, FULLER, GOLDSMITH, NEWMAN, ORRISS, PREWER, PRYKE, RAYNER, WILLINGHAM, to name a few.

The beauty of publishing to Lulu is that the update process is extremely easy, and as soon as additions or amendments are included, and the PDF is uploaded, the revised edition is available immediately to all new books ordered. So it is never too late to include that information, anecdote, or photograph.

We are going to have a breather for the next month. However, we plan to start drafting the Pasks of Monmouthshire over the Christmas period.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

DNA Tests Completed

Both Stuart & John have completed their DNA tests, and returned the swabs to Family Tree DNA's office in Texas.

The genetic test kit consisted of a cheek scraper and collection tube. The test was a painless cheek scraping. The effect of using the scraper is about the same as brushing your cheek with a soft bristle toothbrush. Two backup scrapers & tubes were included to insure that they have good samples for their lab.

It will now take approximately seven weeks to test the DNA sample, analyze the specimens and compare the results to data in the existing genetic library. So we can expect the results just after Christmas. The results will be entered into Family Tree DNA's secure, private and confidential non-web-based genetic library. A comparison between the specific genetic markers and those of others in the database will then be performed and the results provided.

The Family Tree DNA's primary test attempts to determine if 2 people thought to be unrelated actually had a common ancestor. The test is for genealogy NOT for paternity, alimony or other legal purposes.

There are answers to many of the frequently asked questions available on the Family Tree DNA website. There is also a Genealogy & DNA Forum.

If you are interested in participating in the PASK DNA Project, just send us an e-mail. We are particularly interested in testing two PASK males from each of the family lines, detailed in the Charts webpage. By participating in this project you will enable us to link up many of these charts.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

PASK DNA Project Now Set Up

The Pask DNA Project is now set up on the Family Tree DNA website. This will enable us to get the reduced project price of US$ 189 for the 37 marker Y DNA test.

Participating in this DNA Project is an opportunity for us to uncover information not provided in the paper records. We will also discover which family trees are related.

We encourage male PASKs to take the 37 marker Y DNA test. It will tell you about your direct male line, which would be your father, his father, and back in time. To achieve maximum benefits only two male PASKs from each family tree detailed on the Charts list is required.

We will be publishing the latest results of the DNA testing at the Pask Family Gathering in July 2008.

Monday, November 05, 2007

DNA Kit Arrived

Stuart's DNA kit arrived in the post this morning. He has to take three samples over a period of 9-12 hours. Unfortunately he had just had his lunch, so he has to wait at least one hour before starting the process.

Hope to send it back tomorrow.

DNA Project - Special Project Price

I received good news from Susan Meates, the Guild of One-Name Studies (GOONS) DNA project coordinator. I should have received the project price for the DNA tests - not $259 as originally believed, but $189. A substantial saving.

She is assisting us with setting up a project, hopefully today. Once that is done, the new price will become effective. Any keen DNA testers, should hold off for a few days. So watch this space!

If you have already purchased one - I understand that one person has. Then contact us, and we will arrange for a refund of the difference.