Sunday, November 23, 2008

Newspaper Advertisment - 13 March 1813

Newspaper advertisement from The Ipwich Journal, 13 March 1813 This information relates to the main Suffolk tree - descendants of John & Mirabel Pask née Sparrow, born c1680 who lived in Wickhambrook, Suffolk.

Today I was searching the Gales Digital Collection, and found a newspaper advertisement from The Ipwich Journal, 13 March 1813.

William Pask, son of Stephen Pask, farmer, of Wickhambrook, had the misfortune to be seized with a rheumatic fever in 1806, which continued a very considerable time. Soon after his recovery he was attacked by a violent pain on the fore finger of the left hand, which increased daily, and become intolerable, till, at length, the tumour broke, and a copious discharge ensued. In this state it was, when the surgeon, or whoever it might be, though proper to cut off the finger, which he very judiciously did; and the stump exhibited a very favourable appearance, soon healed, and became perfectly well. But the enemy still lurked within. No sooner was the left finger healed, that he was attacked, in a similar manner, not only on the forefinger of the right hand, but also on the neck, the arm, and the thigh. In this wretched condition he applied, some time since, to JNo. KENT. His wounds were all open, and discharged much; he had a bad cough, and his constitution was much impaired. From the use of KENT'S BOTANICAL MEDICINES and APPLICATIONS, he soon found relief; his consitution gradually mended; he still resides at Wickhambrook, and is highly satisfied with the benefit he has already received.

This reminds me of an episode from Lark Rise to Candleford.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mary Pask née Light

Mary Pask née Light This information relates to a descendant of the Monmouthshire progenitor Isaac Paske, (c1705 - ) who lived in Llanvihangel-ystern-Llewern, Monmouthshire.

Pat Maybrey has been researching her husband's family for some time. Her husband is the grandson of John & Frances Maybrey née Pask. She recently wrote:

I am attaching a photo which I believe is the wife of Morgan Pask. I was told that it was "Hollister's grandmother" which of course gives me the choice of 2.
I have been pondering this for some time and have come to the conclusion that she is Mary Light on the grounds that I have no records or photographs at all of the older Maybreys whereas the photo of the Pask daughters, Charlotte & Ellen, shows that they were familiar with studio photographers like this one. So I think that the lady is likely to be their mother.

Mary Pask née Light married Morgan Pask on 22 October 1864 at Newchurch Parish Church. They had six children, including Charlotte & Ellen.