Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Descendants of John & Mirabel Pask née Sparrow Chart

The new chart of the descendants of John & Mirabel Pask née Sparrow has now been printed, and will arrive in the post on Friday morning, in time for our trip to Suffolk.

There is a significant difference to the previous chart printed last year. Here are some statistics, it:

Contains 976 people
Consists of 12 generations
Measures 352 inches (nearly 30 feet long) x 24inches wide
Is almost the length of a double-decker bus

Does anyone have a wall big enough for this?

This chart only refers to Suffolk Pasks, and that particular line. It makes you wonder how long it would be if we could link all the Pasks together!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Website Update 29 August 2006

The website was updated today. The focus this update was to prepare the chart for our trip to Suffolk, as detailed in the previous blog Descendants of John & Mirabel Pask née Sparrow. The chart has now been sent to the printers.

Additionally, I have included thumbnails of the photographs kindly provided by Melanie Carter. I will include the full photographs in a family album in the near future.

A full list of these recent changes to the narratives is available in the New or Changed Narratives section. The narratives on the website now includes 5,816 people. Many thanks to all those who have contributed.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Descendants of John & Mirabel Pask née Sparrow

Last year in early September we went to Bury St. Edmunds and met fellow researchers Dorothy Pask, Jo Pask, and Ray Alderton. We took with us a 19 foot family chart showing the descendants of John & Mirabel Pask née Sparrow.

We then went onto Hartest and met with the descendants of Ernest & Joan Pask née Kerry, including Chris Pask (visiting from New Zealand), David, Tessa, and Judith.

Next weekend, September 1-3, we have arranged to visit Jo again, and stay for a few days. As we are likely to meet up with several other Pasks, we thought it would be an ideal opportunity to update the chart. There has been considerable progress and the chart now contains an estimated 700 people.

During the weekend, together with a lot of help from Melanie Carter, who is the great-great-grand-daughter of Thomas & Hephzibah Maria Pask née Tyte, we have been putting the final touches to the chart. As mentioned in the blog Descendants of Edgar Richard & Lottie Elizabeth Pask née Taylor Update, Melanie has a wonderful collection of very early photographs. Although sadly there will not be space on the chart to include these superb photographs, they will be available on the website in the near future.

Tomorrow is the deadline for sending the chart to the printers (Genealogy Printers). Afterwards I will update the website.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Additional Birth, Marriage & Death Certificates

Yesterday, Andy Pask provided some more certificates. These are relating to the names of:

During the next month these certificates will be included in the database. Sincerest thanks to Andy for taking the time to scan these certificates and make them available to the Pask, Paske One-Name Study, and our fellow researchers. Many of these certificates hold the key to linking families together. His generosity is superb.

Descendants of Edgar Richard & Lottie Elizabeth Pask née Taylor Update

As detailed in the previous blog Descendants of Edgar Richard & Lottie Elizabeth Pask née Taylor, Melanie Carter has been helping us update the information. She has kindly provided us with an excellent photograph of the Pask family taken at Christmas in approximately 1910.

Melanie also provided the names:

Back row: Victor Allan Pask, Herbert Masterson, Pleasants Pask, William Ince, Mabel Nettie Pask, Charles Tyte Pask, Edgar Richard Pask.
Middle row: Sara Ann Pask? (b1835), Frederic Smart, Margaret Ruth Pask, Baby Joe Smart, Thomas and Hepzibah Pask, Oliver Pask, Charlotte Birnie, Baby Donald, Lottie Elizabeth Taylor, Betty Ruth Pask.
Front Row: Peggy Smart, Tom Smart, Daisy Winifed Pask, Sidney Robert (although looks a bit like a girl to me!), Edna Lottie Pask.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thomas & Hannah Pask née Parish Immigrated to America

Another relevation just discovered was that Thomas & Hannah Pask née Parish immigrated to America!

Andy included in his documents the image of the US census for 1880:

Census Place: Newark, Essex, New Jersey; Roll: T9_777; Family History Film:
1254777; Page: 462.1000; Enumeration District: 43; Image: 0299.
Thomas was listed as a Shoefitter, living with his wife Hannah, and daughter Ellen.

It is likely that their son Thomas Henry Pask also immigrated in 1893. He sailed on the Scythia, arriving at the port of Boston, Massachusetts. His occupation was a Bootmaker, and his last residence was listed as Northamptonshire.

This seems to confirmed by the fact that we could not find either Thomas, or Thomas Henry and their families in the subsequent UK censuses.

Donald & Florence Hannah Lucking née Pask

Donald Lucking contacted me today, about his grandmother Florence Hannah Pask. Donald wrote:

Florence married David William Lucking in 1900. Unfortunately David died in the Star & Garter Home, Richmond in 1916 after injuries sustained at Gallipoli. My grandmother Florence Lucking née Pask married again to her lodger a Mr Leslie Morgan from Tenby in Wales, who was a tallyman at the docks.

Amazingly enough, only this morning I received from Andy Pask, the marriage certificate of Florence's parents John Pask and Charlotte Peach. John Pask was the son of Thomas & Hannah Parish née Pask.

With the greatest of pleasure, I was able to point Donald to the photograph and information in today's previous blog relating to the Descendants of Thomas & Hannah Pask née Parish. I am very pleased to say that Andy and Donald have contacted each other to exchange their information on their shared ancestor.

Later in the day, Donald in return provided a lovely photograph of David William & Florence Hannah Lucking née Pask, with their infant son William.

Eunice Grace Pask

Yesterday I exchanged several e-mails with Julian Bennet. He has provided some information, including this photograph, relating to his grandmother Eunice Grace Pask.

Julian writes:

Eunice Grace Pask (1896-1973) was born in Willesden, NW 10, and died in Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane Queensland. Eunice married John Charles Page Bennet in 1917 at St Matthew's, St Mary's Road, Harlesden, NW10.
Julian also advised that all of the information he has is from his Uncle who lives in Brisbane, Australia, who has been working on the tree for the last 50 years or so and has a wealth of information concerning primarily the Bennets but also Pask, Archer, Ince, Dawson, Goozee and Page surnames. Julian has provided a GEDCOM, and in the foreseeable future I will include this information in the database. Many thanks for Julian for providing this information.

Descendants of Thomas & Hannah Pask née Parish

Yesterday I received an overwhelming 122 images from Andy Pask. These included birth, marriage, and deaths certificates, baptisms records, parish register entries, censuses and photographs relating to the descendants of Thomas & Hannah Pask née Parish.

I feel like it was all my birthdays, and Christmases rolled up into one. What a wonderful collection. This has added considerably to the Pask, Paske One-Name Study.

Amongst the collection is an early photograph of taken in Thomas in his 30s.

Over the next few months we will add this information to the database, and try wherever possible to supplement this all ready extensive collection. We are indebted to Andy for sharing this.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Website Update 22 August 2006

The website was updated today. This includes updates, as detailed in previous blogs:

A full list of these recent changes to the narratives is available in the New or Changed Narratives section. The narratives database now includes 5,805 people. Many thanks to all those who have contributed.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Bertram Lionel Pask (1880-1914)

As previously mentioned, in the blog Summary of Information Recently Received, Ian Black kindly provided us with a photograph of Bertram Lionel Pask who was killed in action on 16 September 1914, fighting in World War.

I have just been contacted by Andy Pask, via Genes Reunited, who is the great-grandson of Bertram. Andy has extensively researched his family, and has given me access to his family tree.

Bertram married Elizabeth JOHNSON in 1906 in the Northampton registration district. Previously I had only listed two of Bertram's five children, with Andy's help the other children have been identified:

  • Agnes, born 1906 in Northampton
  • Bertram, born 1907 in India (Andy's great grandfather)
  • Frederick Henry, born 1909 in India
  • Cynthia Grace, born in Devonport, Plymouth
  • Gordon Mons Aisne, born in 1914 in Northampton

In the near future, we will include all the descendants of Bertram Lionel. Many thanks to Andy for sharing this information.

Hawthorn Ridge Cemetery

Probably one of the most poignant cemeteries we visited in our trip to France during the weekend, was the Hawthorn Ridge Cemetery No 1 near Auchonvillers. This very small cemetery is literally in the middle of a field that was actually being ploughed by the farmer, and we accessed it by walking on a rough path through the field.

The cemetery contains the graves of 152 soldiers, including 71 unidentified.

William John Pask is buried in this small cemetery, in a double grave together with P.F. A. Davey.

We are currently unable to determine who William is, only that he was born in Tottenham.

Full details of this cemetery, and those who are buried there can be found on the Commonwealth War Grave Commission website.

Arras War Memorial

Another war memorial we visited yesterday was in the Boulevard du General de Gaulle in the western part of the city of Arras.

This memorial commemorates almost 35,000 servicemen from the United Kingdom, South Africa and New Zealand who died in the Arras sector between the spring of 1916 and 7 August 1918, and have no known grave.

We photographed the names of:

  • Henry Frederick Pask, the son of Benjamin Denny & Sophia Pask née Brooker
  • Sidney Thomas Pask, the son of Oliver Edward & Elizabeth Pask née Downes. This was the second son they lost. We had visited his brother's memorial at Thiepval War Memorial earlier in the day.
  • Thomas Pask, born in Kexby Lincolnshire
  • George Asplin Paske, he was son of George & Jane Pask née Way, wife of Alice May Harrison.

Full details of those remembered at the memorial can be found on the Commonwealth War Grave Commission website.

Thiepval War Memorial

Yesterday we visited the Thiepval War Memorial in the Somme, France. In March when we visited several of the panels were blocked off for renovation. Also it was bitterly cold, raining and the visibility was poor. Fortunately yesterday was a beautiful sunny day.

We photographed the names of:

  • Frederick Pask
  • Harry Pask, the son of William & Grace Isabella Pask née Solomon
  • John Edward Pask, the son of Joseph & Mary Pask née Daft
  • Oliver Edward Pask, the son of Oliver Edward & Elizabeth Pask née Downes
  • Francis Albert Paskey

Whilst photographing the Lincolnshire Regiment section, we met some other people visiting from Lincolnshire. Coincidentally they lived in the Grantham area, and one of them had previously worked for Pask, the Market Gardener.

Full details of those remembered at the memorial can be found on the Commonwealth War Grave Commission website.

William & Maria Pask née Schmitz

Julie Wale wrote to us today. She is the grand-daughter of William Pask, who was the youngest child of Walter & Rosetta Pask née Rixon.

Julie writes that William was born on 4 July 1899 (he shared a birthday with Stuart). He married Maria Schmitz on 24 June 1923.

Maria (Marie) Schmitz was born on 10 March 1898 in Bonn, Germany. They met in Koln where Maria worked in a hotel as a chambermaid, and William was a British soldier.

They had two children William John, and Jean Marie (Julie's mother). They lived most of their lives at Blomville Road, Beacontree, Dagenham.

The full details will be included in the database in the near future. Many thanks for Julie for sharing this information.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Summary of Information Recently Received

During the past two weeks in the UK, we have seen the temperatures drop and an end to the drought. For the first time in six weeks we have mown the lawns. Subsequently family historians have returned to their research. We have seen a significant increase in e-mails. Not that we are complaining!

Just to reassure everyone that we are working on their information, however it will take quite a few weeks to catch up. So watch this space for more information received from:

  • Colin Pask, who is a descendant of Victor Frederick & Ellen Elizabeth Pask née Clements. who married in 1930/Q2 in the West Ham RD. Victor was born in 1903.
  • Derrick Watson, researching Arthur J. & Sophia M. A. Pask née Farr. They married in 1925/Q2 in Bethnal Green registration district.
  • Hilary McDermott, provided an update on George & Fanny Fortescue née Pask.
  • Ian Black, sent photographs of Bertram Lionel Pask, Lilian Gertrude Pask, Florence Emily Pask, and Lilian's son Norman Black.
  • Joseph Starbuck, provided a copy from the Ryhall register of the marriage of Mary Pask and Robert Downes.
  • Malcolm Scott, researching the descendants of his great great grandmother Ann Pask from East Allington, Lincolnshire. We currently have only two childen listed, however Malcolm has provided details of nine children.
  • Melanie Carter, as detailed in the separate blog Descendants of Edgar Richard & Lottie Elizabeth Pask née Taylor.
  • Pat Maybury, providing several Pasks baptisms and burials from St Martins Church, Caerphilly (1813-1924).
  • Penny Scharning, sent photographs of Michael & Harriett Pask graves at Heckington, Lincolnshire.
  • Susan Keefe, information on Bethnal Green Infirmary/Hospital.
  • Tracey Bentley, with an update on the descendants of John & Emily Bentley née Pask, who lived in Newington, London.
  • Valerie Frances, provided the birth registrations for all eleven children of James Pasque. This was no mean feat, when you consider that this included five variations of the name - Parsk - 2; Parsque - 1; Paske - 2; Pasque - 5, and PEARSQUE!!!!!

Sincere thanks to everyone. We are currently in France to photograph the Pask(e)s on the Thiepval and Arras memorials. However we hope to update the website on our return.

Descendants of Edgar Richard & Lottie Elizabeth Pask née Taylor

Melanie Carter contacted me last weekend, and kindly explained that some of the information we had detailed on her great-grandparents Edgar Richard & Lottie Elizabeth Pask née Taylor was incorrect. We are always indebted to people who take the time to provide us with any corrections.

Edgar Richard Pask was born in 1882 in Stansfield, Suffolk. He was the son of Thomas Pask and Hephzibah M. Tyte. Edgar married Lottie Elizabeth Taylor in 1901 in the Cambridge registration district. His wife, Lottie, died in 4 December 1950 in the Samford registration district. Edgar died on 17 June 1961 and his death was registered in the Ipswich registration district.

They had the following children:

  1. Edna Lottie Pask b. 1901, d. 1918
  2. Betty Ruth Pask b. 22 Jan 1908, d. 6 Sep 1995
  3. Joan Lillian Pask b. 5 Jul 1911, d. 29 Nov 2004
  4. Thomas Richard Pask b. 25 Sep 1916, d. 20 Oct 2003
  5. Muriel Margaret Pask b. 24 Dec 1920, d. 1924

Melanie has provided information on all of their descendants, including full names, and specific dates of birth, marriages, and deaths. Most of the information is "living", however the names will be included in the family chart of the Suffolk progenitor John & Mirabel Pask née Sparrow.

This information will be included in the next website update. Sincere thanks to Melanie for taking the time to provide this information.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Lambert & Newman Pask

There is a Pask line in the Stamford area of Lincolnshire that descends from Edward & Sarah Pask, that has intrigued us for some considerable time. They were one of the first families we started with in the Pask, Paske One-Name Study. The christian names of Lambert and Newman have been passed down for several generations. Slowly but surely we are putting the pieces together, with the help of researchers scattered in England and Australia.

During the last two years we have seen a considerable increase in accessible records, including GRO indexes and indexed census records. Sometimes assumptions made 2-4 years ago prove incorrect. Together with collaboration with other researchers these assumptions can be rectified and often lead to brick walls being leapt. During the last few weeks, such a situation has occurred.

I recently received a marriage transcript for Lambert Pask who married Charlotte Walsher on 4 June 1854 in St. Johns, Waterloo, Lambeth, London. Originally it was thought that Charlotte's name was Walters. Additionally in the marriage transcript it gave Lambert's father as Lambert Pask, not as originally thought as Newman Pask. Newman & Lambert [Senior] were believed to be brothers, the sons of Edward and Sarah Pask née ?

In addition, at the same time independently, Joseph Starbuck contacted me and provided information on Mary Pask who married Robert DOWNS on 20 October 1823 in Ryhall, Rutland, and was born in 6 June 1802 in Barnack, Northamptonshire. It was realised that Mary was also a daughter of Edward and Sarah Pask née ? This provided a new lead that perhaps they also lived in Barnack, and Ryhall. This corner of Lincolnshire adjoins Rutland, and Northamptonshire. Stamford, Barnack and Ryhall are all within a five mile radius of Barholm.

Whilst viewing the National Burial Index for another totally different family, an entry for Barnack jumped out at me. Edward was buried on 12 March 1836 in St. John the Baptist, Barnack, Northamptonshire, and his wife Sarah although living in Stamford in 1841, was buried on 1 August 1842 also in St. John the Baptist, Barnack. Subsequently their approximate dates of births are now known.

We will keep on putting the pieces together, although our first task will be to go back and unravel the mix up with Newman & Lambert [Senior].

Website Update 13 August 2006

The website was updated today. This includes updates, as detailed in the previous blogs:

A full list of these recent changes to the narratives is available in the New or Changed Narratives section. The narratives database now includes 5,796 people. Many thanks to all those who have contributed.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Descendants of John & Mary Maria Pask née Pinder

Pat Pinder wrote to us via Ancestry. She is researching her husband's family who are related to John & Mary Maria Pask née Pinder. Pat provided access to her family tree in Ancestry and I was able to establish additional information relating to the Mary's relations and her descendants. Many thanks to Pat for sharing the information.

Their youngest daughter was Fanny Pask who married George Fortescue c1857. Fanny and George Fortescue had three children:

I have now located them in the 1861 (transcribed as Fostergen), 1871, and 1881 censuses. George's death was registered in 1891 in the Dewsbury registration district.

Back in February, Hilary McDermott wrote to me about Fanny, as after George's death, Fanny married her cousin John PASK in 1893 in the Dewsbury registration district. I am still trying to establish who John's parents were.

This information will be included in the next website update which is imminent.

Rosa Crawley née Pask (1868-1935)

Pat Maybrey wrote to us on Thursday. We have been in contact with Pat many times over the past two years, Her husband is descended from Morgan and Mary Pask née Light, who came from Newchurch Monmouthshire.

Pat has recently been in contact with a relative of Morgan's neice Rosa PASK, the daughter of Henry & Sarah Ann Pask née Wheeler. Rosa was born on 11 or 14 March 1868 in Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorganshire and baptized on 12 March 1870 in Devauden, Monmouthshire.

Pat provided some additional information, and on that basis I was able to establish that Rosa married Edwin Crawley on 10 September 1889 in Newchurch, Monmouthshire.

In the census of 5 April 1891 in Kilgwrrwg, Monmouthshire, she was listed as aged 23 born in Merthyr Tidvil [Merthyr Tydfil] Glamorganshire, the wife of Edwin Crawley (an Agricultural Labourer, living with his wife Rosa Mary, and young daughter Agnes Mary).

In the census of 31 March 1901 in Upper Barton Farm, Newchurch, Monmouthshire, she was listed as aged 33 born in Merthyr Tydvil, the wife of Edwin Crawley (a Shepherd, living with his wife Rosa, and children Agnes, Henry D., William E., Gladys J., and Matilda R).

Rosa died in May 1935 in the Neath registration district.

Rosa also had a child Alice Pask who was born on 4 August 1886. In the census of 5 April 1891 in Kilgwrrwg, Monmouthshire she was listed as aged 4 born in Kilgwrrwg, the grand-daughter of Henry Pask. In the 1901 census, she was listed as a Housemaid in the household of Louis Comyns Wrigley, a Land Agent in Trelleck Grange.

Many thanks to Pat for providing these missing links. This information will be included in the next website update which is imminent.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Charles & Hilda Emily Pask née Carter

On Saturday, John Pask of Aldershot provided me with a photograph kindly provided by his aunt Hilda.

The photograph was taken in approximately 1918, and shows John's grandparents Charles & Hilda Emily Pask née Carter, together with Hilda, and her sister Joan Muriel. John's father Godfrey Charles Pask had not yet been born.

In 1918, Charles was a Sargeant in the Royal Army Medical Corps.

Emily Sarah Elizabeth Archer née Pask

Raymond Archer wrote yesterday, and kindly provided a copy of the marriage certificate for his grandfather Charles Henry Archer, who married Emily Sarah Elizabeth Pask on 1 August 1904 in All Souls' Church, Hackney.

Family legend says that the marriage did not work out, and subsequently Emily immigrated to Australia with a young child.

Ray wrote:

"... he lived with my Grandmother Alice (Sarah) HARVEY and had three children with her, finally marrying her in 1926. The marriage cert [certificate] says that he was a widower."
Ray is interested in tracing the young child that went with Emily to Australia.

The marriage certificate will be included in the website in the near future. Many thanks to Ray for providing the copy, and the information.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sedgebrook Pasks - John & Ann Pask

I am continuing with the research on the Sedgebrook Pasks.

In the 1851 (HO107 Piece 2138 Folios 158 Page 8) & 1861 (RG9 Piece 2481 Folio 118 Page 1) census, William & Ann Pask née Whitehead, had two grandchildren living with them.

  1. John Pask (b1842) born in Sedgebrook - In the 1861 census, John was listed as a School master.
  2. Ann Pask (b1847) born in Sedgebrook.

I cannot find either of them listed in the GRO indexes. Additionally I cannot locate them in subsequent censuses.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Sedgebrook Pasks

There was one main family living in Sedgebrook, Lincolnshire from the period of c1809 to 1870 - William & Mary Pask née Whitehead. They had ten children. William originated from Caythorpe, a village 8 miles south-west of Sedgebrook.

Genuki lists that Sedgebrook village and parish lie 4 miles west of Grantham on the old Bingham Road to Nottingham, and 109 miles north of London by rail. It is bordered on the southeast by Barrowby, with Muston in Leicestershire just to the west. The parish includes about 1,650 acres.

The village itself lies just north of the A52 trunk road, with the Foston Beck just to the east of town, running northerly towards its destination at the River Witham. Also near the village is a chalybeate spring.

Elizabeth Hampson is extensively researching the village of Sedgebook, details can be found on her website Sedgebrook inhabitants of yesteryear. In 2004, Elizabeth kindly provided a transcript of the Pask baptisms listed in the parish records.

Liverpool Marriage Transcripts

Last week I received three marriage certificates, provided by Susan Atkins as part of the Liverpool Registration District Marriage Challenge.

The Marriage Challenge is a Guild of One-Name Studies (GOONS) Project in which volunteers (Challengers) search for marriage entries in the deposited Parish Registers for a particular Registration District for the period 1837 to 1911. Susan has kindly provided the following marriages:

All three were the children of William & Ann Pask née Whitehead. William & Ann lived in Sedgebrook, Lincolnshire.

I located John & Sarah Hopwood in the 1851 census, and Sarah's brother Richard Pask was living with them. Additionally I found Thomas & Sarah Pask née Partington, living with their 3-year old daughter Ann J. I am still searching for John & Elizabeth Pask née Price.

The full details, and copies of the transcripts will be included in the website in the near future.
Many thanks to Susan for her efforts.