Sunday, August 20, 2006

Bertram Lionel Pask (1880-1914)

As previously mentioned, in the blog Summary of Information Recently Received, Ian Black kindly provided us with a photograph of Bertram Lionel Pask who was killed in action on 16 September 1914, fighting in World War.

I have just been contacted by Andy Pask, via Genes Reunited, who is the great-grandson of Bertram. Andy has extensively researched his family, and has given me access to his family tree.

Bertram married Elizabeth JOHNSON in 1906 in the Northampton registration district. Previously I had only listed two of Bertram's five children, with Andy's help the other children have been identified:

  • Agnes, born 1906 in Northampton
  • Bertram, born 1907 in India (Andy's great grandfather)
  • Frederick Henry, born 1909 in India
  • Cynthia Grace, born in Devonport, Plymouth
  • Gordon Mons Aisne, born in 1914 in Northampton

In the near future, we will include all the descendants of Bertram Lionel. Many thanks to Andy for sharing this information.