Sunday, August 20, 2006

William & Maria Pask née Schmitz

Julie Wale wrote to us today. She is the grand-daughter of William Pask, who was the youngest child of Walter & Rosetta Pask née Rixon.

Julie writes that William was born on 4 July 1899 (he shared a birthday with Stuart). He married Maria Schmitz on 24 June 1923.

Maria (Marie) Schmitz was born on 10 March 1898 in Bonn, Germany. They met in Koln where Maria worked in a hotel as a chambermaid, and William was a British soldier.

They had two children William John, and Jean Marie (Julie's mother). They lived most of their lives at Blomville Road, Beacontree, Dagenham.

The full details will be included in the database in the near future. Many thanks for Julie for sharing this information.