Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Website Update 21 October 2014

The website was updated today, Tuesday 21 October. There are an additional 40 new narratives included in this update. This makes a total of 10,395 detailed narratives are now available on the website - although there was an increase of 51 people, including living people. Over 17,000 people are now in our database, and increasing daily.

The main focus was Australian, and Tasmanian PASKs, and their descendants

Chart 06: Pasks who lived in Kedington, Suffolk. In particular, the descendants of James & Charlotte Mary Pask née Chaffin, who immigrated on the ship "Oroya" departing from London on 14 April 1899, for Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Chart 10: Essex Main Progenitor - John Pask, (1771-1847) Thundersley, Essex. In particular James Horton Pask, who immigrated to Victoria, Australia, on the ship "Ida", arriving in February 1855. His descendants today, live in Victoria Australia, and New Zealand. 

Chart 11: John Pask, (c1745-1793) who married Elizabeth Fountain and they lived in Gautby, Lincolnshire. In particular, the family of Joseph & Martha Pask née Edwards - previously detailed in the blog dated March 7, 2007. Joseph immigrated to Queensland, Australia on the ship "Bulimba", arriving on 24 March 1887. 
A full list of the recent changes to the narratives is available in the New or Changed Narratives section.

Many thanks to all who contributed. The research was particularly interesting, and a lot of new information gleaned.