Friday, July 21, 2006

John & Sarah Jane Pask née Frankling

Whilst searching in the 1871 censuses on a family in Yorkshire, I came across the entry for John & Sarah Pask in Marske, Yorkshire (RG10 Piece 0852 Folio 33 Page 12).

In 2003 we briefly researched this family as Tim Pask of New Zealand is their great-great-grandson. Although only a short time ago in 2003 census records were not available and therefore it was difficult to determine where John & Sarah were living prior to their immigration on the ship "Edwin Fox", under Captain J. Phease, leaving Plymouth on 8 August 1878, and arriving in Nelson, New Zealand on 17 November 1878.

In the 1871 census, John was an Ironstone Miner, living with his wife Sarah J., and children John T., and Louisa. Also listed was John FRANKLAND, a brother-in-law, and James PRICE a Lodger. It gave his place of birth as Nocton, Lincolnshire. This gives a possible derivative of Sarah's surname as when she was married she was listed under the name of FRANKLING.

I then searched the database and determined that John was the son of John & Charlotte Pask. The records are now merged in the database and will appear in the next website update under John Pask (#685).

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Henry & Catherine Frost née Pask from Stoke by Clare, Suffolk

We received an interesting e-mail from Kingsley Ireland, who has interested in genealogy for 41 years. He writes:

"It took me many years to trace some branches of my British ancestry, as all my forbears emigrated direct to South Australia in the period 1840-1860, and the lack of retained Census records in Australia makes ascertaining the places of origin sometimes extremely difficult.

I descend from Catherine PASK who married Henry FROST and resided in Stoke-by-Clare, Suffolk. Their son, John FROST, bapt. there in 1798 married Mary Ann KING of Haverhill in Haverhill in 1826. In the 1841 Census they were at "Yew Tree Farm" Steeple Bumpstead. In 1844 they emigrated to South Australia on the
"Taglioni, with 9 children. Mary Ann was pregnant before they departed, and
their last child was born in Adelaide soon after their arrival.

It is probable that John went to the Goldfields in what became Victoria, for he died near Melbourne in 1852. Mary Ann accompanied her pioneering sons to the rugged outback of the Flinders Ranges, South Australia, and died at Melrose in 1871 aged 66."
Kingsley provided me a link to the Flinders Range Research website where additional information on the family is detailed. He has kindly given permission to include any information on the website. So in the near future, we will include any supplementary information we find on the descendants of Henry & Catherine Frost née Pask.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Pask(e)s of Washingborough, LIncolnshire

Yesterday we received an e-mail from Patricia & Bob Chown, who we have been corresponding with for some time regarding the Washingborough Pasks.

Patricia wrote:

At the beginning of June my husband and I spent a week from Monday morning to Friday lunchtime looking at the records at Lincoln Archives. Bob, my husband spent from Monday afternoon to Friday lunchtime reading and transcribing Washingborough CMBs from the original register.

He checked at least twice every Pask entry from the start of the register in about 1562 to 1665 - sometimes beyond.

Our objectives in doing this were threefold.

1. To confirm and check all Pask entries by Mrs
[Brenda] Webster and see if there were any others.
2. To follow up on the marriage of a John Pask to a Margaret Cock/Cork in 1570.
3. To check again the Thomas Pask who appeared to marry in 1676 at the age of 55 and died in 1691 a year after William Pask, my ancestor, was born.

Some general points about the Parish Register for this period. It is pigskin parchment that does not photograph well but was usually straightforward to read. Entries were in Latin, sometimes poor Latin, until at least 1665. The christenings register only mentioned the father before 1640. The period 1564 to 1600 was all in one hand so must have been transcribed from loose sheets or skins as guidelines suggest. The year change for some reason was written in the lefthand margin opposite October up until 1600 and the years were not always clear. IGI seems to have been taken from the BT film and has large gaps where this film was hard to read.

We sought advice from the archivists on the names and they felt that, whatever the Curate/Rector/Scribe wrote, the folk used English names, Johannes was John, Maria was Mary, Anna was Ann or Anne, etc. when addressing one another.

The information provided by Patricia & Bob has been included in the database, and will be included in the next website update. Sincere thanks for their dedication to transcribing the parish registers so thoroughly, and for sharing the information.

Twins Index

A new list has been included in the narrative section. This list details all the twins born in the Pask(e) One-Name Study.

This page is in memory of our stillborn twins born on 16 July 1980. They were born at 26 weeks, and with today's technology they may have survived. Unfortunately in those days they did not allow the grieving process, and we were not allowed to name them, or bury them. Thankfully this has all changed nowadays. However they live on in our memories.

As a direct result of our research into why they died, we started researching our family history. We have identified a significant number, although not all "living" twins are listed.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Website Update 16 July 2006

The website was updated today. This is mainly to change the linking of Thomas Pask to John and Frances Pask née Haffinden. In error, I assumed that Thomas' parents were John and Frances Pask née Haffinden. This means that John would have been 16, and Frances 6! Sincere apologies particularly to Ian Black, whose ancestor is Thomas Pask.

In addition, the website update includes information, as detailed in the previous blogs Descendants of Phillip PASK, (1768 - 1843) Bryngwyn, Monmouthshire, and Harry Kinsela Pask (1896 - 1976) B.E.M.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Descendants of Phillip PASK, (1768 - 1843) Bryngwyn, Monmouthshire

Whilst searching for information on Henry Kinsela Pask in the London Gazette, I came across information relating to the death of Barbara Mary Pask on 3 July 2004.

I searched the GRO indexes, and established that she was the daughter of Roland Weed & Edith A. Pask née Arnold. I was intrigued to see the name Weed, and continued to follow this line. As often happens, several hours later and numerous censuses, births, marriages, and deaths provided me with a lot of information on Barbara's ancestors.

Roland was the son of Frank William & Alice Pask née Weed - hence the christian name of Weed. In the 1901 census, Frank was a Solicitor's Clerk living with his wife and family in 50 Bensham Manor Road, Croydon, Surrey. Also listed was five children - Arthur F., Bernard W., Celia M., Alice L. E., and Roland W. Sadly, they had another son Sydney Alan Pask, who died in infancy.

Although Frank had lived in the London area since the 1880s, he infact was born in 1854 in Chepstow, Monmouthshire. He was the son of William & Elizabeth Pask née Wright. Frank had a sister Lucy Elizabeth who was born in 1857 in Kidderminster. Lucy was recently detailed in another blog relating to West Ham Marriage Transcripts, where it details her marriage to Leo Taylor on 7 July1883.

William was baptized on 16 June 1830 in Bryngwyn, Monmouthshire. He was the son of Phillip & Mary Pask née Morgan, the eldest son of Philip & Phoebe Pask née Lewis.

I was able to establish that Barbara was the 3rd great-granddaughter of Philip PASK. A family chart of the descendants of Philip & Phoebe Pask née Lewis, is available on the website and will be updated in the next website update.

Harry Kinsela Pask (1896 - 1976) B.E.M.

Our dear friend, and fellow researcher John Pask from Aldershot has recently visited the grave of Harry Kinsela Pask, who is in Grave No. 50E, Section NN, South Ealing Cemetery, Ealing, London. John has kindly provided several photographs. These will be included on the website in the next update.

It was interesting to note that Harry Kinsela was awarded the British Empire Medal (BEM). John is investigating this.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Website Update 11 July 2006

We have just returned from a holiday cruising the Hawaiian islands to celebrate Stuart's 76th birthday on the 4th July, in true American style in Waikiki Bay. However as I am an early riser, and Stuart likes to sleep late, I still had the opportunity to work on family history.

This update focuses on:

  • Information gleaned from marriage transcripts from Thingoe Registration District (see separate blog), as kindly provided by Sandra Stevens. I have tried to research each couple as much as possible, and follow through on their descendants.
  • Information from the obituary of Grace Isabella Pask née Soloman, who immigrated to Canada, as provided by Chris Bell and Leslie Mancell. This also included births, marriages, and deaths from the Chatham Daily News.
  • Information received from Ian Black on the descendants of Thomas & Hannah Pask née Parish. This included their grandson Bertram Lionel Pask, who died in WWI, prior to the birth of his son Gordon Mons Aisne Pask.
  • Information received from Samantha Williams née Spinner relating to the descendants of Thomas & Annie Pask née Maskill who lived in Llanvihangel Llantarnamin.

A full list of these recent changes to the narratives is available in the New or Changed Narratives section. The narratives database now includes 5,751 people.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Thingoe Marriage Transcripts Update 6 July

As previously mentioned, I received over 60 marriage transcripts for the Thingoe Registration District. They were as a result of the Guild of One-Name Studies (GOONS) Marriage Challenge.
During the past two weeks I have included the remaining Thingoe marriage transcripts:

John Cutting and Emily Catherine Pask, married in Whepstead, Suffolk on 29 July 1852
James Partridge and Mary Ann Pask, married in Flempton cum Hengrave, Suffolk on 30 October 1852
John Skilton and Sophia Paske, married in Chevington, Suffolk on 29 November 1856
Henry Paske and Martha Newman, married in Chedburgh, Suffolk on 12 June 1858
William Julius Marshall and Fanny Curteis
, married in Creeting St. Peter, Suffolk on 4 Deember 1860
Reuben John Pask and Mary Ann Halls, married in Flempton cum Hengrave, Suffolk on 21 May 1861
Simon Bailey and Mary Ann Pask, married in Chevington, Suffolk on 25 December 1862
Aaron Flack and Eliza Pask, married in Rede, Suffolk on 4 November 1865
James Pask and Jane Sumner Crack, married in Chedburgh, Suffolk on 25 December 1866
George Samuel Goldsmith and Emily Pask, married in Whepstead, Suffolk on 15 September 1867
George Plummer and Melinda Pask, married in Hargrave, Suffolk on 10 November 1870
Nathan Pask and Susannah Phillips, married in Hargrave, Suffolk on 29 May 1871
Henry Pask and Anne Sophia White, married in Gedding, Suffolk on 27 March 1874
Arthur Fuller and Jane Pask, married in Chedburgh, Suffolk on 23 October 1875
Frederick Paske and Jane Boreham, married in Depden, Suffolk on 20 October 1877
Alfred Challis and Sarah Ann Paske, married in Depden, Suffolk on 1 September 1879
George Pask and Ann Garwood, married in Rede, Suffolk on 2 June 1883
Charles Pask and Georgiana Kemp, married in Chedburgh, Suffolk on 24 November 1883
Arthur Pask and Louisa Wells, married in Depden, Suffolk on 4 November 1886
Nathan Pask and Harriet Plummer, married in Hargrave, Suffolk on 10 October 1889
John Pettitt and Kezia Pask, married in Whelnetham Magna, Suffolk on 20 May 1893
Frederick Pask and Mary Ann Pryke, married in Chedburgh, Suffolk on 22 May 1893
Walter Pask and Harriet Diaper, married in Chedburgh, Suffolk on 12 December 1896
Walter Goddard and Elizabeth Pask, married in Chedburgh, Suffolk on 3 August 1897
Harry Pask and Ellen Mary Fenton, married in Chedburgh, Suffolk on 4 June 1900
Joseph Herbert Simpson and Catherine Emma
, married in Newmarket St Mary, Cambridgeshire on 20 June 1901
George Ever Pask and Mary Ann Currey, married in Rattlesden, Suffolk on 19 April 1902
John Simpson and Ruth Minnie Pask, married in St Mary's Church, Woolpit, Suffolk on 29 November 1903
Ernest Thomas Holden and Annie Elizabeth Pask, married in Rattlesden, Suffolk on 14 October 1911

This completes the marriage transcripts for the Thingoe Registration District. Sincere thanks to Sandra for this valuable information.