Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Web Photograph Album - Yvonne Sumner

This information relates to Chart 39 - Thomas PASK, (1766-b1851) who lived in St. Pancras.

Over the past year we have been working together with Yvonne Sumner from Australia. She has provided extensive information on Walter & Jane Annie Pask née Chester, and their descendants.
This was a very interesting, albeit a sad story. Walter married Jane Annie Chester on 21 May 1898 in Gateshead. Unfortunately Walter was killed in a railway accident on 18 July 1908, leaving Jane a widow with 4 children, the youngest George being only a few months old. With no means of support Jane gave the 2 middle boys, Arthur and Walter, to her mother-in-law Mary Ann. She kept Laura the eldest and the baby George.
Jane's mother-in-law, Mary Ann Pask née Ruddock emigrated to Melbourne Australia in 1912, together with her daughters Nellie, and Kate, and taking with her grandsons Arthur and Walter. Jane wrote to her mother-in-law begging for Arthur and Walter to be returned to her as she was getting married again and her circumstances were much better. Evidently Jane was horrified that they were going to Australia and was allowed to see them only a few days before they left.
Arthur, Yvonne's father, was very talented. He played the cello in the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, he was an accountant, and also the Team Manager for the Australian Archers in the 1972 Olympics in Munich, Germany.

Yvonne has provided over 30 photographs. These have now been included in a web photograph album.

New Web Photograph Album - Judy Crust

This information relates to Chart 6 - Peter & Catherine Pask née Frost, born 1739 in Kedington, Suffolk.

In 2007 Judy Crust wrote to us, and provided several photographs of the descendants of William Alfred Pask, see the previous blog titled William Alfred & Anna Sarah Pask née Rowe. Judy's Great Grandfather Francis Bartram was the brother of William Bartram who married Alice Maria Pask, the daughter of William Alfred II & Elizabeth Pask née Ellis. He immigrated to Australia, and came back to England for a visit in 1936/37 .

We have now created a web photograph album that shows the photographs.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Website Update 6 January 2010

The website was updated today, Wednesday 6 January. This focuses on information, as detailed in the previous blog:

A full list of the recent changes to the narratives is available in the New or Changed Narratives section. There are now 8,223 narratives available on the website - 45 new narratives in this website update.

For those interested in statistics, the Pask database now contains:

  • 11,980 People
  • 23,437 Events
  • 5,010 Places
  • 74,283 Citations
  • 3,474 Sources
  • 464 Embedded exhibits

Descendants of William Alfred & Anna Sarah Pask née Rowe

This information relates to Chart 6 - Peter & Catherine Pask née Frost, born 1739 in Kedington, Suffolk.

Geoffrey Alan Pask from Canada originally contacted us in May 2008 - see the previous blog titled Descendants of William Alfred Pask II. At that time we were preparing for the Pask Family Gathering therefore we somewhat neglected Geoffrey's information.

Over the Christmas holidays we have worked closely with Geoffrey, and are now pleased to say that his extensive information, together with photographs have been included in the database.

In addition, a web album of Geoffrey's photographs is available.