Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pask Family Gathering 2008 - Update

Registrations for the Pask Family Gathering have increased significantly over the past month.

The current statistics are:
Booked: 117 adults / 9 children
We are confident this number will rise to over 150+

More information is available on the website, including a full list of attendees. Do check this list. If we have incorrectly listed your name, or you are not on the list do contact us, as the name badges will be based on the list.

To assist in the administration of such a large gathering, attendance is only through booking. Complete the registration form, or contact 01284 830268, or contact us by e-mail.

Advance orders for books are being taken for collection at the Pask Family Gathering. The deadline for ordering is Saturday July 5.
For more information...

A newsletter will be sent out later this week.

Monday, June 23, 2008

PASKs of Monmouthshire Volume I

This information relates to the Monmouthshire progenitor Isaac Paske, (c1705 - ) who lived in Llanvihangel-ystern-Llewern, Monmouthshire.
I am very pleased to announce that a new book is now available on

PASKs of Monmouthshire Volume I is the fourth book in a series of books that is being published for the Pask Family Gathering to be held in Whepstead, Suffolk on Saturday July 26, 2008.

This 268-page book covers the descendants of Isaac Pask, the main Monmouthshire progenitor. There are over 40 detailed charts for the main families, minibiographies of approximately 1,040 people, together with 100 photographs. Also information on the Pask, Paske One-Name Study and a full index by surname and christian names of the people mentioned in the book.

We would like to acknowledge and thank all the people who helped make this book a published reality. Particularly to Paula Payne, Pat Maybrey, and Sylvia Rycroft, who have provided a wealth of information including photographs, certificates, and anecdotes on these Monmouthshire families, and the descendants of Isaac Pask.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Website Now Available

I am delighted, and very relieved to say that the website is now available again. Although the web hosting provider is different, this will not make any difference as the url is still

At the same time I have updated the narratives section. The main changes since the last website update are as a result of changes identified during the formatting of the book Monmouthshire Volume I.

This unexpected delay and additional work, will regretably mean that there will be insufficient time to work on the book Monmouthshire Volume II. This will now be scheduled to be compiled after the Pask Family Gathering.

Once I finish the publishing process for the Monmouthshire Volume I, I will have to focus on the final preparations for the Pask Family Gathering which is now only 7 weeks away.