Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Henry & Catherine Frost née Pask from Stoke by Clare, Suffolk

We received an interesting e-mail from Kingsley Ireland, who has interested in genealogy for 41 years. He writes:

"It took me many years to trace some branches of my British ancestry, as all my forbears emigrated direct to South Australia in the period 1840-1860, and the lack of retained Census records in Australia makes ascertaining the places of origin sometimes extremely difficult.

I descend from Catherine PASK who married Henry FROST and resided in Stoke-by-Clare, Suffolk. Their son, John FROST, bapt. there in 1798 married Mary Ann KING of Haverhill in Haverhill in 1826. In the 1841 Census they were at "Yew Tree Farm" Steeple Bumpstead. In 1844 they emigrated to South Australia on the
"Taglioni, with 9 children. Mary Ann was pregnant before they departed, and
their last child was born in Adelaide soon after their arrival.

It is probable that John went to the Goldfields in what became Victoria, for he died near Melbourne in 1852. Mary Ann accompanied her pioneering sons to the rugged outback of the Flinders Ranges, South Australia, and died at Melrose in 1871 aged 66."
Kingsley provided me a link to the Flinders Range Research website where additional information on the family is detailed. He has kindly given permission to include any information on the website. So in the near future, we will include any supplementary information we find on the descendants of Henry & Catherine Frost née Pask.