Wednesday, November 07, 2007

DNA Tests Completed

Both Stuart & John have completed their DNA tests, and returned the swabs to Family Tree DNA's office in Texas.

The genetic test kit consisted of a cheek scraper and collection tube. The test was a painless cheek scraping. The effect of using the scraper is about the same as brushing your cheek with a soft bristle toothbrush. Two backup scrapers & tubes were included to insure that they have good samples for their lab.

It will now take approximately seven weeks to test the DNA sample, analyze the specimens and compare the results to data in the existing genetic library. So we can expect the results just after Christmas. The results will be entered into Family Tree DNA's secure, private and confidential non-web-based genetic library. A comparison between the specific genetic markers and those of others in the database will then be performed and the results provided.

The Family Tree DNA's primary test attempts to determine if 2 people thought to be unrelated actually had a common ancestor. The test is for genealogy NOT for paternity, alimony or other legal purposes.

There are answers to many of the frequently asked questions available on the Family Tree DNA website. There is also a Genealogy & DNA Forum.

If you are interested in participating in the PASK DNA Project, just send us an e-mail. We are particularly interested in testing two PASK males from each of the family lines, detailed in the Charts webpage. By participating in this project you will enable us to link up many of these charts.