Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sampler in Memory of Margret Herd

Sampler in Memory of Margret Herd who died August 27, 1871 This information relates to the blue-icon tree - descendants of Johannis [John] & Elizabeth Pask née Archer, who lived in Lincolnshire.

Yesterday evening I received a delightful e-mail from Alicja Fraser of Lincolnshire. She wrote:

I found the attached Sampler up in the attic of my home, several years ago. I came across it again today when tidying up and thought I would Google it and found the website about the Pask family and your email address. I wonder whether the sampler refers to your family tree. If so would you like it or is there a Herd family member that might like it?

I established that Margret [or Margaret] Herd was the mother of Elizabeth Pask née Herd, who was born in Heighington in 1829. Elizabeth married Michael Pask on 25 May 1853 in Washingborough. Elizabeth & Michael had seven children, including Sarah Ann Pask, who married Charles Willey, an ancestor of Andrew Willey, a researcher who contacted us in 2005, and provided a wealth of information on this family.

We will be contacting Andrew today, as Alicja is happy to pass on the sampler to his family.