Thursday, May 11, 2006

John & Susannah Pask née Empingham of Lincolnshire

Charles V. Pask e-mailed me regarding his four generations of Charles Pask.

After researching, it is likely that Charles was a descendant of John who was baptised in 1776 in Gautby, Lincolnshire. John married Susannah Empingham, in 1822 in Timberland. They had seven children:

Richard PASK+ b. 17 Nov 1822, d. Apr 1900
Joseph PASK+ b. 1824, d. 1901
Hannah PASK b. 14 Dec 1826
Margaretta PASK b. 18 Oct 1829
b. 1831, d. Feb 1833
Ruth PASK b. 1831
Edward PASK+ b. 1834
Charles' great-great-great-grandfather was Richard PASK (1822 - April 1900), who married Ann BOYCE. They also had seven children:

Sarah Ann PASK b. 7 Nov 1852
John PASK b. 1855
Elizabeth PASK b. 1 Nov 1857
Anne PASK+ b. 1859
Richard PASK b. 26 Oct 1862, d. 1896
William PASK b. 1865, d. 1866
Mary PASK b. 25 Jul 1868

Charles' great-great-grandfather was John PASK (1855- ), who moved to Lancashire c1881. In 1887 he married Annie SELBY, who died between 1891 and 1901 (no death found in the GRO death index). John is listed in the 1891 & 1901 census.

John & Annie had three children, all registered in the Chorlton registration district:

Charles breg. 1887 - (the first of five generations with the name Charles)
Mary Ann breg. 1888
Minnie breg.1891

There could be more children, but it is difficult to determine.

Charles' great-grandfather was Charles (1887- ), who also lived in the Chorlton registration district. He married Lilian HARDY in 1906. Charles & Lilian had two children, possibly more.

1908/Q3 PASK, Charles Chorlton 8c 804
1914/Q1 PASK, Clara HARDY Chorlton 8c 1464

Charles' grandfather was Charles (1908- ) who married Agnes POOLE in 1929 in the Manchester registration district. Charles & Agnes had five children.