Monday, April 17, 2006

Johannis PASK, born c1545 lived in Washingborough, Lincolnshire

Johannis is one of the earliest progenitors we have in Lincolnshire. Patricia Chown wrote to us on Sunday to update us on her progress and plans relating to her research on Johannis.

Patricia and her husband Bob are studying the early Washingborough Paskes. As the registers for this period (1562-1660) are in Latin, and extensively abbreviated it is quite hard going. However Patricia is making some progress.

Initially it was believed that John Pask may have married Margaret Cork. However they now believe, this should be Cocke as they have compared the lower case r's and c's. They have not looked at the burials yet so cannot tell if Margaret died before John married Elizabeth Archer in 1576.

Patricia is hoping to have a full week or four days at the archives in Lincoln and will focus on the early Washingborough Paskes and review the Parish Records again for Washingborough 1562-1660 as some of the pages are very difficult to read especially when the writing is early English and the names in 'dog' Latin. They hope to get some of the key names confirmed by Archivists at Lincoln. Also they intend to look at the Will situation and see if there are more than those originally found for us by Brenda Webster relating to the 1600, 1614 and 1647.