Thursday, April 20, 2006

GOONS Web Award 2006

Yesterday the GOONS Web Award 2006 was officially announced.

The winners were
Also commended

Although our websites and were commended, I was somewhat disappointed with the results. Last year, was 2nd, and the previous time 3rd. However last year was not even mentioned.

Striving to improve, I followed the recommendations from the judges, I revamped both websites, stripping out all the previous javascript and focusing on improving the technical side with well structured HTML. The comment this year was that:

"though your sites are well designed, we felt that design standards had moved on"

Oh well, some you win, some you loose!

The main thing is that that the websites continue to grow substantially, together with the certificates, photographs, dates and anecdotes that would never have come our way had we not had the websites. Sincere thanks to all fellow researchers who have contributed to the websites.