Sunday, April 23, 2006

John Edward Pask (1873 - 1916) Obituary

Andrew Hesketh has provided a copy of John's obituary in the Derbyshire Times. This is the article from which the photograph was taken.

"Tibshelf has lost by death a very amiable and experienced soldier who, during his comparatively short sojourn in the parish, made many friends by his urbanity and soldierly bearing. We refer to Sergeant J E Pask of the RGA, the announcement of whose death on Tuesday came like a thunderbolt on the grief stricken widow and four young children, who reside in Elm Tree Terrace, Tibshelf. The fateful message was flashed across the wires from Portland merely intimating his death without any explanation of the circumstances. Presumably he died of natural causes. It was all inexplicable as Mrs. Pask had heard from the deceased as recently as last Saturday without the least indication of any illness.

The deceased, who was of magnificent physique, would have been 43 years old if he had lived until last Thursday, and he was expected home this weekend. He was last in Tibshelf on 10th March. He was an old soldier, having served 19 years in the RGA. For about four years he had been in China, evidence of which is seen in his home of a number of handsome Oriental vases and other ornaments. Having concluded his army service he returned to civil life in Lincolnshire and then removed to Newark. It was through the kindly offices of Col. R P Leach who, until he returned to the Army, resided as Nethermoor, Tibshelf, that Sergeant Pask came to Tibshelf two years ago last month and was found work at Tibshelf collieries, while he undertook the duties of drill-Sergeant to the local Church Lad's Brigade, in which capacity he rendered
very useful service and secured the esteem of those who became associated with

When war broke out, the spirit of the old soldier asserted itself and he enlisted in September 1914 in the Royal Field Artillery, while last July he went into his old Regiment, the RGA. He was a fine type of soldier, and one who commanded respect in Tibshelf. The loss for the young widow and her family is great."

This is intriguing as based on the mother's maiden name of TOMPKINS there were no children. So this requires further investigation, and possibly a trip to Kew.