Tuesday, April 25, 2006

George William & Elizabeth Jane Pask née Burson

As a follow on from the previous information on John Richard & Theresa PASK née Armitt, Lindsay has provided additional information on her grandfather's brother George William.

George William was born 13 January 1900, and his birth was registered 1900/Q1 in Fulham registration district. He married Elizabeth Jane BURSON in 1924 (1924/Q3 PASK, George W. BURSON Fulham 1a 787). They had four children George L. (1924), Irene R. (1926), John (1929), and Robert A. (1934). George died in 1900.

His daughter Irene R. possibly married someone called DAVIES in 1960, however as this was in Cardiff, this is only an assumption.

Their son Robert A. married Joyce M. SMITH in 1956. Unfortunately there are too many children born with the mother's maiden name of SMITH to determine their children.

John, George William's son, married Peggy Lilian WIGLEY in 1952. Peggy unfortunately died in April 1995. John & Peggy had two children David J. (1953) and Barry G. (1956).