Saturday, March 03, 2007

Sampler on ebay

A sampler has appeared on that was created by Sarah Pask aged 12, and dated 1894.

My passion, after family history, is cross-stitch. I have several family photographs that I have converted to cross-stitch.

Therefore I am bidding for this sampler, to try and keep it in the Pask family. If you think this is one of your family I would be more than happy to let you bid for it. However please do not start bidding against me, or we could see the price rocket!

There are 4-5 possible Sarah Pasks in that period:

1882/Q1 PASK, Elizabeth Sarah Poplar 1c 654
1882/Q4 PASK, Sarah Ann Wortley 9c 247
1882/Q4 PASK, Sarah Risbridge 4a 548
1883/Q1 PASK, Sarah Ann Stamford 7a 369
1883/Q1 PASK, Sarah Jane Warwick 6d 618

My guess it will be Sarah from the Risbridge registration district. However I will try and determine where the seller obtained it. This will hopefully enable us to identify which Sarah lovingly sewn it.