Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Pask Burials in Sleaford, Lincolnshire

This information relates to Lincolnshire families, currently unconnected to a main branch.

Shelley Clack contacted me today. I mentioned Shelly in the previous blog Pask Burials in Nocton, Lincolnshire.

Shelly said that she had been at Sleaford cemetery today and found the following Pasks:

Pask, Ellen; d. 20 Jun 1927, age 59 yrs, W/o and s/w John Frederick Pask
Pask, George; d. 9 Aug 1951, age 70 yrs, H/o and s/w Maud Pask Pask, John Frederick; d. 17 Jul 1927, age 62 yrs, H/o and s/w Ellen Pask
Pask, Maud; d. 5 Jun 1966, age 74 yrs, W/o and s/w Geoge Pask

Inside St Denys Church, Sleaford, are three war memorials with Pask names:

Jan 1915 Roll of honour memorial - J Pask 1914-1919
Sleaford Company church Lads Brigade memorial (in transept) - J M Pask 1914 - 1919 Great War memorial (in nave) - J M Paske

On CWGC is a James Melbourne Pask who was a private in the Lincolnshire regiment. He died 13 Oct 1915. The site says his parents were Mr J F and Mrs E Pask of Holdingham, Sleaford. I believe this is the person named in St Denys church. It is likely
the above are all the same person, other names appear on more than one of the memorials and in some instances spellings have changed.
Thank you so much Shelley, it really helps putting the pieces together.
This information will be included in the near future in the database and subsequently the website.