Thursday, March 08, 2007

Golden Wedding Anniversary

This information relates to the blue-icon tree - descendants of Johannis [John] & Elizabeth Pask née Archer, who lived in Lincolnshire.

Patricia Chown, from Hawaii, wrote to me today and earlier in the week. She has provided numerous snippets of information on her Lincolnshire Pasks, including this account from the Lincolnshire Chronicle:

In a quiet but happy manner, Mr and Mrs Edward Pask, of the "Ten Row", Nocton recently celebrated their golden wedding and they were the recipients of many congratulatory expressions. It was on Thursday, January 19th, l865, that Edward Pask, aged 27, son of Mr Pask of Nocton, was joined in the holy bonds of matrimony to Eliza Semper, aged 23, daughter of Mr Semper of Dunston (late of Holland Fen); the little sacrament being performed in the sacred precincts of Dunston Parish Church. In a close and loving union, Mr and Mrs Pask have, for half a century, threaded life's many and devious pathways; and are now decidedly "not out." They are well-known and highly respected in the district, where they have resided for 49 years; only staying at Dunston about 12 months after they were married.When our photographer-reporter called at the house a few days ago, they, were enjoying a little fireside chat with their daughter, who sees after their welfare; Optimistic; contented, modest, they abhor anything in the nature of what they call "a fuss," and it was only after much persuasion that they consented to sit for their photographs. As will be seen, they are hale and hearty, and but for a twinge of rheumatism now and again, Mr Pask tells us he would be in the pink; while his wife is also well able to get about, but she also suffers somewhat from shortness of breath. They are regular attenders at the Parish Church, which they have belonged during their whole sojourn in the village; and they are also frequently seen at the various gatherings, Mr Pask, as a member of the Dunston Oddfellows, which he has been associated with for a great number of years. At one time he was a bell-ringer at the church, and was also in the choir; and in both connections he made numbers of friends, being always popular wherever he went. Mr and Mrs Pask have six children - four girls and two boys and they are all married except one daughter. There are about 20 grandchildren.
Lincolnshire Chronicle 13th February 1915.
The information relates to Edward & Mary Pask née Semper. Sadly Mary died the following year on May 11, 1916. Many thanks to Pat for providing this wonderful account. This information will be included in the website in the near future.