Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sidney George Pask (1920-1990)

This information relates to a currently unidentified main branch of the family with roots in Suffolk. The earliest known progenitor is Henry & Frances Pask née Wallaker, who lived in Kedington, Suffolk in the 1790s.

Whilst searching in, I found two Pask photographs, in the Public Member Photos database.

Sidney George Pask, was previously not listed in the database (only approximately 60% of our records have been currently included). However during the weekend I have researched his family, and ancestors. I have linked him back five generations to Henry & Frances Pask née Wallaker of Kedington, Suffolk.

  1. Parents: George & Elizabeth H. Pask née Butler, they had 7 children
  2. Grandparents: Elijah & Olga Pask née Basham, they had 10 children
  3. Great-grandparents: George & Ann Paske née Boreham, they had 11 children
  4. Great-great-grandparents: Henry & Mary Pask née Mison, they had 9 children
  5. Great-great-great-grandparents: Henry & Frances Pask née Wallaker, also had 9 children

This information will be included in the database in the near future. However it may be sometime, as not all the children are listed, and fully researched.