Monday, May 21, 2007

John Pask born 16 October 1844

This information relates to the Purple-Icon tree, the descendants of John & Frances Pask née Haffinden who originated from Thundersley, Essex.

For a significant time now, there has been a lot of confusion over two John Pask who were born in 1844/Q4. One was born in Shoreditch, and the other in Whitechapel.

I decided to purchase the birth certificates for these two entries (click the link to display the certificate):

1844/Q4 PASK, John Shoreditch 2 389
1844/Q4 PASK, John Whitechapel 2 588
They arrived last Friday, and to our utmost surprise they are for the same person.

John, of Shoreditch was registered by his father on 27 November, and John of Whitechapel was registered by his mother on 10 November. There are other descrepancies - the Shoreditch certificate gives his place of birth as 11 Long Alley, and the Whitechapel certificates gives Boarshead Yard. Fortunately the parents (well almost) are the same John Pask, a Shoemaker and Mary Ann Pask née Bowness. In the Shoreditch certificate it gives Mary, and in the Whitechapel Mary Ann.

This certificate now confirms the link between John Pask and the Essex family of John & Frances Pask née Haffinden of Thundersley - the red-icon tree.

This is the first time in 25 years' research that we have every come across such a duplication of records. There is a now quite a bit of sorting out to do, and merging of records. Many thanks to all concerned, who have been actively involved in unravelling this mystery.

Please note: The incorrect icon colour is currently assigned to this tree. I will update this in the next website update.