Saturday, May 12, 2007

Harry & Louisa Alice Diaper née Pask

This information relates to Chart 8 , the descendants of John Pask, who lived in Shoreditch, London.

A few weeks ago I received a marriage transcript, provided by Kirsty Gray Debenham as part of the Edmonton Registration District Marriage Challenge.

The marriage was of Harry Diaper and Louisa Alice Pask, who married on 12 September 1898 in Tottenham. Louisa was the daughter of John Joseph Pask (deceased) a Whale Bone Cutter.

Previously it was not really confirmed that John was called John Joseph. There were three Johns born in the same year and same quarter. I have ordered the certificates for two of these Johns so that we can determine the parents, and establish which one is which. I hope to have an update at the end of next week.

Many thanks to Kirsty for providing the certificate.