Sunday, May 13, 2007


This information relates to Chart 29, the descendants of Thomas Pasque of Theberton Suffolk.

During the past two weeks we have been working together with Kevin Parsk who is a descendant of Thomas & Ann Pasque née Knighting.

Kevin wrote:

I have tried to do my own research through the public records and but have always been stymied by the continual change of spellings from Pasque to Parsk. Our branch tradition is that a legendary Spicer Parsk changed the spelling when accused of being a French spy!
Kevin's dilema is that his family name has changed continually throughout the generations. He has recorded all the possible variants of Pa(r)s(k)(e)(que).

Kevin has helped considerally by identifying missing entries in the GRO Indexes, particularly of his name Parsk, which is now mainly located in Sussex, Surrey, and Yorkshire. With only 12 births in the last 20 years this indeed is a very unusual surname.

Kevin's information has been partly included in the database and will be updated in the next website update.