Saturday, August 04, 2007

Thomas William & Clara Martha Pask née Linsell

As mentioned in a previous blog West Ham Marriage Challenges, we recently received a transcript of the marriage of Thomas William & Clara Martha Pask née Linsell.

There is a bit of mystery here.

Thomas is detailed as a Warehouseman, a Bachelor aged 22, residing at 38 Kingsley Road. His father was listed as Joseph Pask deceased. Clara is a Spinster aged 22, residing at 38 Kingsley Road. Her father was listed as John Linsell, a Mechanic.

I searched for Thomas' birth registration, and found him born 1885/Q1 PASK, Thomas William Braintree 4a 575. I also found his death registration in 1973, that shows his date of birth as 15 January 1885.

I then searched the 1891 census for his birth, and found a Thomas Pask aged 5 born in Finchingfield (in the Braintree registration district). He was listed with his father Joseph, a widower aged 52 born in Kedington. Also listed was his sisters Emily aged 26, and Alice aged 12 both born in Kedington.

I then searched back to the 1881 census, to find Alice is listed as the granddaughter of Joseph.

My theory is that Alice & Thomas are the children of Emily, and not as given in the 1891 census. I have sent for Thomas' birth certificate.

Clara died in 1968 at the age of 83, indicating that they were married for 61 years.