Tuesday, August 07, 2007

David Richard Charles Gorman & Charlotte Eliza Pask

As mentioned in a previous blog West Ham Marriage Challenges, we recently received a transcript of the marriage of David Richard Charles Gorman, and Charlotte Eliza Pask.

The marriage transcript gave that she was a Spinster aged 24, residing at 17 Downsfield Road. Her father was listed as Lewis Pask (deceased), a Schoolmaster.

I knew that there was a Louis Rogers Pask, who was a schoolmaster. The 1891 census also confirmed that Louis was born in Grantham Lincolnshire, and was living with his wife Eliza, and daughter Charlotte E., who was born in 1885 in Liverpool.

I was unable to locate the marriage of Louis to Eliza, and there are several descrepancies over the age of Louis - in the 1901 census his age was given as 46, instead of 39; and at his death in 1908 his age was listed as 59 instead of 46. However I am sure this is the right one. Hopefully this will be confirmed in the future.

This information will be included in the next website update.