Thursday, August 30, 2007

Kenneth Richard Pask of Ohio

This information relates to Chart 32, the descendants of Joseph PASK, (1773 - ) who lived in Lincolnshire, and immigrated to Richland County, Ohio USA ,

Amanda Sue Pask, the daughter of Kenneth Richard Pask wrote to us today. She lives in Butler, DeKalb County, Indiana, USA. She has two sons Spencer and Wyatt.

Kenneth was the 3 x great-grandson of Joseph Pask who was born in 1773, and married Anne Bavin in Wellingore in Lincolnshire. After his wife Anne died in 1819, Joseph immigrated to Richland County, Ohio, America with his two sons George & Thomas. His daughter Mary joined them later.

The information Amanda has provided will be available in the next website update.
Unfortunately although I responded to Amanda, her e-mail has bounced back as her inbox is overquota (full). I will resend it, and hope that it does not bounce next time.