Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Walter Frederick & Mary Ellen Pask née Stones

As detailed in the previous blog Worksop Pasks, several photographs were displayed in the Welchman Archive at the Bassetlaw Museum. I wrote to the museum and obtained permission to include the photographs in the website.

This photograph dated 1915, is assumed to be Mary Ellen Pask née Stones, the wife of Walter Frederick Pask, together with their children Ernest Pask, born 1910, and the infant could be either Harold Pask.

We identified that Walter & Mary had seven children:

  1. Ernest Pask b. 9 Feb 1910, d. 1979
  2. Harold Pask b. 1914, d. 1939
  3. George F. Pask
  4. Arnold Victor Pask b. 15 Nov 1918, d. Sep 1998
  5. Clifford Pask
  6. Iris A. Pask
  7. Rhoda C. Pask

It would be good to hear from any of their descendants to clarify this.