Monday, November 03, 2014

Website Update 2 November 2014

The website was updated yesterday, Sunday 2 November. An additional 26 new narratives have been added since the last update on 21 October 2014. This makes a total of 10,421 detailed narratives are now available on the website - although there was an increase of 36 people, including living people - there are now 17,037 people in our database.

The focus was New Zealand, in particular:

Chart 10: Essex Main Progenitor - John Pask, (1771-1847) Thundersley, Essex. In particular James Horton Pask, who immigrated to Victoria, Australia, on the ship "Ida", arriving in February 1855. His descendants today, live in Victoria Australia, and New Zealand. 

Chart 49: Charles Pask (1760-1833) who lived in Dingestow, and Cwmcarvan, Monmouthshire

All the New Zealand births, deaths, and marriages from have been included, where available:

 Births: 33 PASKs no PASKEs (all relating to Chart 10)
 Marriages: 31 PASKs no PASKEs
 Deaths: 62 PASKs and 12 PASKEs 

In addition, there is updated information on John Pask's family that remained in Essex.

A full list of the recent changes to the narratives is available in the New or Changed Narratives section.