Monday, November 03, 2014

John Pask (1874-1954) Fulham Football Club

This information relates to Chart 10, the descendants of John & Frances Pask née Haffinden who originated from Thundersley, Essex.

Morgan Phillips contacted us at the end of October. Whilst he is not a PASK relative, he has been researching the PASKs.

Morgan writes a blog for Hammersmith & Fulham Council about the history of Fulham FC. John Pask, and his younger brother Albert, both played for Fulham. 

More detailed information is available in Morgan's blog, including a photograph of John Pask. See:

London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham Blog (
The John Pask Story (Part 1) dated May 14, 2014.
The John Pask Story (Part 2) dated October 14, 2014.
We are indebted to Morgan for contacting us with such interesting information on these two PASKs.