Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Southrey, near Bardney, Lincolnshire

St. John the Divine Church, Southrey, Bardney, Lincolnshire
Kindly provided by Ann Pepper

This information relates to the main Lincolnshire tree - descendants of Johannis [John] and Elizabeth Pask née Archer, who lived in Lincolnshire. 

Chart 30: James PASK, (1835- ) Southrow, or Southrey, near Bardney, Lincolnshire #1071  

Earlier this month, we had the pleasure to meet up again with Stephen Pask. We last met him at the Pask Family Gathering on Saturday July 26, 2008 in Whepstead, Suffolk. At that time he travelled from Australia specifically for the event. Stephen is now living back in the UK, and was attending a Nelson Society event in Portsmouth. 

Unfortunately, we have not go back any further on Stephen's family. His ancestor James was born in Southrey, near Bardney, in c1835. His father was Thomas Pask. However we have not been able to find any additional information on James, or Thomas. 

During his visit, we discussed lots of possibilities, and agreed it was best to look at the parish registers again. Fortunately the majority of Lincolnshire parish registers are now available on the website from the Lincolnshire Archives - http://www.lincstothepast.com. However, we noted that Southrey records for this period were not available. We decided to involve our dear friend and family historian, Eileen Robson, who we have known since 1981 - her knowledge and experience of Lincolnshire is extremely valuable. 

Whilst collecting together all the information, you can imagine our surprise, we received an e-mail from Ann Pepper, the Lay Minister for Southrey. 

She has kindly provided detailed information on the Pask burials in Southrey, together with the photograph of the church as detailed above. Furthermore, she explained that the church was only built in 1898 and that anything before this went to Bardney. 

Whilst we have not been able to find anything on James, or Thomas, we nevertheless have been able to group together families. In particular, another James Pask (1887, d. 1955). James married Beatrice Mary EAST in 1911. Unfortunately Beatrice died in December 1914. He then married Ethel Eliza TOWNELL in 1923. She died in February 1932. Then he married Annie E. DAVIDSON in 1934. Annie was the older sister of James' late wife Ethel Eliza.

Fortunately with Ann's detailed information we were able to identify the source records and put these pieces together.

Ann also provided another valuable source in the Southrey Village History website. We found Richard Pask aged 12 who died with two others lads and is buried in Bardney.

Sincere thanks to Ann for taking the time to write to us and kindly provide us with this detailed information.