Sunday, February 01, 2009

Frederick & Georgina Esther Pask née Burnard

This information relates to Chart 7, the descendants of Henry Paske, (1765 - 1845), who lived in Kedington, Suffolk.

We have also been researching Frederick & Georgina Esther Pask née Burnard, who was the great-grandson of Henry Pask.

Just before Christmas the 1911 census came out. We purchased all the London census images for the names Pask, and Paske as more and more families were migrating away from the agricultural areas of Lincolnshire & Suffolk. Our main focus was to assign the 400 children born between 1901 and 1911, into family groups. One such family was the family of Frederick & Georgina Esther Pask née Burnard.

We knew they married in 1901, however we could not locate Frederick in the 1901 census. However we believed they had several children, as in the GRO birth indexes there were five children, with the mother's maiden name of Burnard. Fortunately we found the family in the 1911 census and established that they had 11 children in total.

Also we could determine Frederick's age, and where he was born. Subsequently we found him in the 1901 census, indexed under the name of Peck. Although he was born in Deptford, his parents were Charles & Harriett Pask née Surridge. His father Charles was born in 1839 in Kedington, Suffolk.

Frederick & Georgina's eleven children have now been included in the database, together with a further generations, where determined.

This information is included in today's website update.