Friday, January 30, 2009

Update on Descendants of John & Anne Pask née Thomas

This information relates to Chart 45: William PASK (1808-1893) born in Nantylgo, Monmouthshire #9973.

Further to the recent posting Descendants of John & Anne Pask née Thomas, David Hopkins wrote to us. He said:

Your last blog on is most interesting. John's father is listed as James Pask. This could be the same James who was the father of William Pask b Nantylo Aberustruth 1808. William had a daughter Anne and I believe Elvira.
I think that this probably the missing link. We will investigate further this James, and his wife Mary, and their son William and see if there is further evidence to verify this.

William's daughter was infact called Levinia, or Lavinia, however in the 1851 census she was known as Evenia.

Thanks for David for this information. Just goes to show the power of the blog!