Monday, January 12, 2009

1911 Census Now Available

They have now released the 1911 Census.

It is available, also on Unfortunately it is a pay-to-view website, you have to buy credits to view the transcripts, or original pages. This is not yet part of the subscription package of – it is expected to be another 6 months before it will be included in the annual subscriptions.

The good news in the meantime is that the index is free, and you can work the family groups out, if you can narrow them down.

We have already compiled an index of Pask & Paskes for the initial 22 counties, and purchased the images for London, Middlesex, Staffordshire, and Gloucestershire.
Today they released many more counties.

There is a full list of the counties available. All the latest information is available in the blog.

If you decide to buy any Pask images, we would welcome a copy. We have all the images for London, Staffordshire, and Bristol.