Thursday, January 15, 2009

John Bensley Gresham Page Paske

This relates to the descendants of John Pask whose son John married Mary GOLDSBOROW and they lived in Stragwell, Suffolk.

As a follow-on to the recent blog on Henry Gresham Paske. Pam Mercier wrote to us about Henry's uncle, John Bensley Gresham Page Paske.

Pam writes:

I am researching the Gresham name and have noted that several Paske men bear that name as part of the forenames.

It has been my experience that usually having a surname as part of your forename indicates a marriage of a Gresham woman into that line.

The first I can find is John Bensley Gresham Page Paske 1791 Barking Suffolk, he married according to the IGI and East India co records to a Harriet Newman and had one daughter Harriet Bensley Gresham Paske who died in 1837 a few months after giving birth to a son from her marriage to Francis Henry Crozier( 1836 Madras) the son was called Gresham Paske Rawson Crozier b1837 Madras d1870 Wandsworth. Gresham married Laura Kew in 1859 in South Kensington and had three children:
Walter Gresham Crozier 1860-1871
Montague Liston Paske Crozier 1868 1909 unmarried
Margaret Hester Crozier 1869

We agree entirely with Pam, we also believe that these are mother's maiden names passed through the generations. Unfortunately we are not sure which mother, or mothers had these names.

This information will be included in a subsequent website update.