Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Pask Family Gathering 2008 - Newsletter 1

The first newsletter for the Pask Family Gathering 2008 is in the process of being sent to all our Pask researchers.

This newsletter is the initial notification that there will be a family gathering on Saturday July 26 2008. Where it will be, and what facilities are available. This is so that you can plan well in advance.

We are currently working on the admission costs, and trying to minimise wherever possible. Additionally we hope to arrange a BBQ from 6pm, at a minimal charge.

We plan to have an update in July-August, and will provide a form for you to complete so that we can determine the numbers attending.

If you have not yet received your newsletter, do not be concerned. This mail shot is taking longer than anticipated as I have to compile a distribution list from all the individual e-mail lists. So apologies to the researchers with christian names in the latter part of the alphabet. You should receive your e-mail in the next few days.