Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Montague Arthur Pask

This information relates to a London family, currently unconnected to a main branch that has descendants in Australia.

Last week we purchased the birth certificate for Montague Albert Pask, who is the grandfather of Emma Pask, the very talented jazz singer from Australia.

Montague Albert Pask was born on 3 September 1909 in 9 Farmingham Road, Tottenham, London. He was the son of John Joseph & Sarah Pask née Brown.

During the process of including this information into the database, it was determined that John Joseph's parents were John & Lydia Pask née Taylor. Whilst updating the census information prior to 1881, it was established that John Pask born 1845 in London Middlesex, was the same person as John Pask born 1844 in St. Pancras Middlesex, the son of John Pask & Isabella Gollan, previously detailed in the November blog titled John and Isabella Pask née Gollan.

These two John Pasks will be merged, and updated in the next website update.