Saturday, October 07, 2006

Pasque, Parsk & Parsque Births

In August, Valerie Francis wrote to us and provided quite a lot of information on the families with the names Pasque, Parsk, and Parsque. Valerie wrote again yesterday and provided more names. This prompted me to do some investigations of my own.

These variants seem to be focused in the Rochford and Wangford registration district in Essex, and Blything in Suffolk, obviously where probably the dialect accounts for the difference in spelling.

This morning I searched and found 22 of 29 births that we have not yet listed in our GRO Births Index (these are searchable from the website in the data sources section). I am in the process of looking at the GRO images and verifying the information listed in FreeBMD. I will then update the GRO Births archive.

Valerie's information will be included in the next website update. Many thanks for her patience and perservance in finding these BMDs that are listed under these derivatives.