Saturday, October 21, 2006

Descendants of John & Emily Bentley née Pask

Whilst in Galway, I have been trying to catch up with some correspondence received in July & August! Tracy Bentley wrote to me in July and updated me on information she had on her great-great grandparents John & Emily Bentley née Pask.

Tracy has provided some additional information on Emily's son Frederick George who married Ada Maria Planner. Frederick & Ada immigrated to Canada. Tracy originally believed that Emily's son John Bentley married Eleanor Sibley, and also went to Canada. This has proved to be incorrect. The corrections have been made to the database.

In addition, Tracy provided information on Walter Bentley, Emily's youngest son, who married Jane Blake and they had four children - Rose, Florence Emily, Sydney George and Frederick William (Tracy's grandfather).

This information has been included into the database, and will be available in the next website update. Many thanks to Tracy and apologies for the delay in including this information.