Friday, October 06, 2006

Ellen Pask née Levy or Villiers

During the past few days, together with John Morton Cross, I have been researching the ancestors of Amy Lee Forrest née Pask.

As detailed in the previous blog, Adolphus Tesdorpf & Amy Lee Forrest née Pask a Family Register details the descendants of James Pask and his wife Ellen Villiers, also known as Levy. For some time John has been trying to establish why Ellen changed her name from Levy.

When James and Ellen married on 22 September 1841 in Old Church, St. Pancras, her name was Levy. On their son Isaac's birth certificate it gives her name as Levy. However on the Family Register, and the remainder of their children's birth certificates it gives her name as Villiers.

We have gathered quite a bit more information about the family, but remain still mystified on why Ellen changed her name.