Sunday, February 26, 2017

New Family Chart 83: Family of Michael PASZKIET born in Poland c1835

Steve Pete Pask (1917-2009)
father of Steve
Steve Paske, from Texas, contacted us on 24 January, and provided information on his great-grandfather Michael Paszkiet who was born in Poland c1835. He immigrated to Texas, USA, where he met his wife Josepha Filuta. They married in 1868 in New Waverly, Walker County, Texas. They had seven children. The family americanized their name to PASKE.  

Steve gave us a brief synopsis of Michael's family, and Steve's line of descent from Michael. We did some extensive research - fortunately comprehensive Texan records are readily available

Subsequently, we have created a new family chart 83, and it contains 126 people - descendants of Michael Paske, formerly Paszkiet.