Sunday, February 26, 2017

Descendants of Clarence Chester Pask

Back Row, L-R: Iola Maxine; either Loyal, or Charles "Raymond"; Arlene Grace; and Clarence Chester Charles  
Front Row, L-R: R.T; Duane Potter; Loyal or Charles "Raymond"
Recently independently, by sheer coincidence, we received information from two descendants of Clarence Chester Pask and his wife Daisy Ethel Pask née Sweet (known as Ethel).

In early January, we received an email from Darlene Yarger, about her grandfather Charles Raymond Pask the eldest son of Clarence. Darlene's son Rathe has a detailed tree in Ancestry, which has been of considerable help in putting the pieces together. As we were away on holiday, we did not have time to update the website with this new information. 

Last week, we were working on the website update, when surprisingly more new information came in on this same family.

On February 17, in the Pask Family History Facebook Group, Cindy Moore née Pask, the granddaughter of Clarence, posted this photograph of Clarence, and his family. Cindy's father was Kenneth Clarence Pask, the youngest son of Clarence.

Clarence Chester Pask was born on 16 June 1838 in Anwick, Lincolnshire, England. He was the son of Joseph George PASK. His parents immigrated to Ohio in 1844.

Many thanks to Darlene, and Cindy, for the wealth of information provided. The website has now been updated with Clarence's 51 descendants - however, there are many more needing additional research.

Clarence is Stuart's 4th cousin twice removed.